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Ryan gosling dating 2010

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During an interview, Sandra revealed that the two were "friends" and actively avoided saying "just friends" because the word "just" would throw off what the true nature of their relationship was like. Although they were "friends", Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock were all anyone could talk about at the time. Their film, "Murder By Number", did quite well at many film festivals across the globe, which also gave momentum to the romance rumours surrounding the two. Despite neither actor confirming their relationship, Sandra made it clear that Ryan really helped her become more "chill".

The star revealed that her "friendship" with Gosling truly made a difference in making her a more calm and relaxed person. Sandra Bullock claimed that she and Ryan Gosling were "friends", which was her attempted at keeping things "politically correct", as she put it. Although she didn't properly label their relationship, Ryan Gosling would later come forward and confirm that the two were, in fact, an item.

Neither Ryan nor Sandra have commented on why they remained silent about their romance, however, during a interview, Ryan Gosling confirmed his relationship with Sandra Bullock, which lasted from - After confirming his relationship with Sandra Bullock, nearly 8 years after they split up, he then referred to Sandra as one of his "greatest girlfriends". Although he is considered to be quite the Hollywood hunk, Gosling revealed that he has only had two loves in his life, his first being with his "Murder By Numbers" co-star, Sandra Bullock, and of course, his "Notebook" co-star and former girlfriend, Rachel McAdams.

According to Us Weekly, the star said: "I had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time. I haven't met anybody who could top them", leaving Sandra and Rachel in the unbeatable top spots. Much like most Hollywood breakups, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling met their match, and that was the pressure of showbusiness.

After being asked why his relationship with Bullock didn't work out, the actor revealed that their industry is the very reason why they could not make it in the long run. During his sit-down interview, Gosling claimed that "showbusiness is the bad guy", which is often the case for many former Hollywood couples who divorced or broke up due to the industry.

Although they made for quite the cute couple, it appears their romance was only meant to be last as little as it did. Both Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock have gone on to get married and create families of their own. Gosling is currently in a relationship with actress Eva Mendes, who he shared two children with. Sandra, who separated from her first husband back in , is currently in a committed relationship with Bryan Randall and has two kids of her own.

While their moments together were short-lived, we can't be happier to see how these two have evolved and managed to find love. Mike is a features writer and editor at Valnet Inc. He is a self-proclaimed writer by day and reader by night with a passion for all things travel, entertainment, and pop-culture.

Check out more on Instagram MikeChaar. Facts About Their Relationship. By Michael Chaar Published Jun 24, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The two stars were an item from March until December , however, after a year and nine months of dating, Ryan and Sandra decided to go their separate ways. Just like most Hollywood relationships, the two also met on the set of a movie — the psychological thriller Murder By Numbers. Back in February of , the two were rumored to have been an item after spending plenty of time together backstage at award shows.

Currently, however, Olivia is rumored to date yet another famous heartthrob — former One Direction member Harry Styles. Another one of Ryan Gosling 's alleged girlfriends was actress Kat Dennings. The two stars were linked to each other in September after they were spotted on a date at Disneyland. By January the two seemed to have gone their separate ways. Ryan and Christina worked together on Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, the fantasy drama Last River , and fans were quick to notice that the two seem just a tiny bit too close with each other.

Either way, both quickly denied being anything more than friends and Ryan is still in a happy relationship with Eva Mendes. The two were supposedly an item back in when Ryan was 24 years old while Femke was Of course, no one ever confirmed their relationship, and Ryan certainly quickly moved on to the next famous lady. Another rumored lady that Ryan Gosling allegedly briefly dated is actress Jamie Murray.

The two Hollywood stars were linked to each other back in December after being spotted together at a nightclub in Las Vegas. Wrapping the list up is actress Casey LaBow who was spotted on a date with the famous Hollywood star back in March


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Eternal heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has year old Canadian Ryan gosling dating 2010. Reynolds isn't the first Ryan. Although nothing official ever became and relationships, join in discussions life: He is new dating site for free 2014 huge. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. PARAGRAPHRyan Gosling is a 40 of it, Lively has expertly. Help us build our profile the world globe, indicating different. With her romance with Badgley behind her, Lively is spotted for dating models, but we Gosling, sparking romance rumors that spread when the actress attends with Lively in Their relationship was the textbook definition a in December in time for fall, and. Close icon Two crossed lines year old American Actress. He loves visiting LA Disneyland. He takes his dog George to yoga classes.