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Dating radio

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Support these shows at wunc. Laura explores how gray daters are juggling personal needs and desires with parental obligations. Laura wonders if being too specific about race, religion or politics leads to overlooking some solid romantic options. But is she just delaying the inevitable by pushing off conversations about personal finances? But she wonders what it might have been like to go through the pandemic sharing space with a housemate.

Does being high risk for the virus have to put a limit on love? This time around, the podcast takes on how dating is affected by personal finances, adult kids and of course, finding companionship during the COVID crisis. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

NPR Shop. Dating While Gray When writer Laura Stassi's marriage ended after nearly 30 years, she asked friends and relationship experts for advice on navigating the dating scene. Apple Podcasts RSS link. Toggle more options Download. I think the most facinating finding was how people of varying physical appearance or attractiveness view each other - and he does this using the old site hotornot.

Having been on a few online dates myself these studies always make for good conversation with the people you are on a date with! Why would anybody use a fake picture? The goal isn't to get messages or dates, it's to ultimately hook up, start a relationship, or get married. Why waste your time meeting somebody that you know will work away the disgusted the second they meet you?

Well, let's say a person who put up a fake picture wants to just hook up. They get a bigger pool of candidates and decide to meet up. The candidate, a little annoyed when they realize the picture was fake when they actually meet, is likely to fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy.

Since the date has already started, they don't back out and maybe something happens. Would it be wise to embellish your income on a dating website to find a woman who loves you for who you are and not your bank account? But the problem with that is you'd be forfeiting one of your greatest assets. Remember, salary might not be a big factor for guys, but it seems to be pretty important for women. It would be like putting a job posting up, and intentionally understating the salary.

In a sense, you'd be getting a lower quality women because you'd be artificially reducing your selection pool. On the contrary, the average quality of responses would increase even though you'd get fewer total , as you would have eliminated many of those only interested in money. Great podcast! I know a lot of dating sites are using Neo4j graph databases to advance their matching technology ie. What if the profile didn't say that she was interested in casual sex? I think that it is a significant variable.

I tried online dating about ten years ago, and got quickly discouraged by most of the dating sites I tried. I wasn't looking for anything in particular; just some fun hang-outs with new people, with the possibility of more. I was an attractive white woman in my early 20's; meaning, statistically likely to get lots of messages. After looking at men's profiles, I'd get so put off that I never bothered to finish setting up my own profile and just gave it up.

I figured that if all they saw was my photo, I'd get a whole lot of messages from people I didn't want to have to interact with I wouldn't like them, and they wouldn't like me either and have no way of efficiently sorting out the interesting ones. So I tried Craigslist, where there was no format at all and mostly no photos, so I figured that whatever someone decided to write was what they thought was important, and at least if they had more to say than a list of what TV shows they watched they'd say it.

I'm sure all the dating sites are more sophisticated now than they were ten years ago, so maybe the argument is less valid than it might have been at the time. I'm afraid I don't have much of a sample size by which to evaluate the success of my approach because I only ever went on one date that way.

We have been together ever since. I am surprised that you didn't mention the Secretary problem. The math that tells one the best solution to how many people to date before getting married. Where n is the population of people whom one might marry. You don't know the number of applicants, so the secretary problem becomes messy and may not be optimal. Judging the quality of applicant is difficult; it's mostly emotional and irrational. Given that, after N arbitrary dates, I doubt anyone would consider marrying the first person they get along with.

Well, I would say that Alli Reed has discovered something that is well-known since Renaissance In her case, the artifical identity was quite high on the "hot to f once" ladder, even though it was carefully crafted to score below zero on the "long-term relationship material" ladder.

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Yes, we know: sexy!

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Ann provides a very specialized service in which she herself personally finds partners and introduces them to each other. Peter Ricchiuti weighs a career in radio against his dating career. Photos by Jill Lafleur. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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