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Dating an airline pilot

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What will make your relationship work is for both of you to learn how to compromise. And a lot of the compromising comes a great deal of it on your part. Need a date for a family wedding? You might want to ready yourself for a solo flight because your guy is on his own. To be fair, what you need to do is to keep yourself busy. Give it a chance for you to grow as an individual. Think of it as a regular job wherein partners rant to each other about.

Dating is never easy. More so, dating a pilot! Astrology Dating Gift Ideas Quotes. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Metropolitan Girls. Forgot your password? Just that they have to come back and not hop around for 3 weeks.

Well, I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but this guy is a lying a scum bag. I fly for a regional, occasionally international. I'm never out of contact with anyone back home. That's just an absurd thing to claim in today's world. Sadly, I've flown with guys like this. They do exist, and they are the worst kinds of people. Leave this guy before you get too attached. If he's not gonna make an effort, why should you?

Especially since he is staying at hotels, WiFi should be available and he can video chat you through WhatsApp. He either has no news to share with you and is just tired and wants to relax on the road, or he is hiding something from you. Dudes playing you hard. Find someone new. No just leaves for 3 weeks at a time in this industry at the regional level. I started having some thoughts here and there about why he couldn't talk to me or reach out even if he was flying out of the country since he has told me he stays at hotels and I would think there is Wi-Fi there.

Since he hasn't come back I haven't had a chance to ask questions about this so I will definitely bring this up. If he's playing me, I'm obviously not going to stay with him. Hey, man, we've got some exotic and backwards places around this state.

Don't put it past us, lol. The first year he was flying a smaller plane, so his only international overnights were to Canada. Also, he sent me his trip sheets to show me where all his flights were during that sequence just so I would know an estimate of when we would talk again and because I loved finding restaurants and such in wherever his overnights were for him to try.

Most of these places have no cell service and he refuses to pay for international coverage. I also tag along on his trips when possible. The guy disappearing for three weeks at a time just seems weird. He is playing you hard. He flies regionally, his layovers are in places like Hartford and Edmonton, not Cambodia. I'm sure someone here works for Skywest and could find you this guys schedule. Let's sink him. I don't want any of that.

If that's the case then I'll simply leave him but I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I thought I would get more advice and tips but it seems to be more about me getting played and being a side chick. It's very upsetting to read but also eye opening.

I feel pretty conflicted at the moment to be honest I know it might be difficult and you're feeling conflicted and upset, but I would highly recommend coming back and giving an update after you talk to him. Maybe he will tell you the truth, and if he does, we might be able to help you confirm it is the truth and settle any worries you might have. In which case, that would be fantastic. But if he tells a lie, getting some more input might be the best way for you to figure out it is a lie, in which case, I think you'd rather know outright than just sit there wondering.

Thank you, I think that's exactly what I want to do. This brings up concerns and worries but I don't automatically want to accuse him of lying and being dishonest. Nor should you. Your replies and the information you've provided raise a lot of red flags, but they're just that, red flags. Something you should definitely and seriously look into, but not a cause to just up and punch him in the face or something. But lots of red flags. I don't want to jump to conclusions but I do want to confront him.

Everyone's responses definitely bring more questions to ask him. I want to hear what he has to say before anything else. There is a possibility he's not lying to you, but I honestly think it's quite slim. There are very very few jobs that have you going into remote areas for 3 weeks.

Also, it's Internet exists, cell phone roaming is cheap. He could talk to you easily, fuck even a quick email. Boats in the middle of the Atlantic have internet. We just started dating a month ago. We haven't had much time to talk lately and he had left for 7 months to do a Europe tour Idk this is pretty disheartening for me right now. I appreciate everyone's honesty though : I'm still going to talk to him and ask questions as well. Airline pilots don't do "tours". We do trips, and even if he works international cargo, he'd only be gone for weeks at the longest, and he'd have cell coverage, or at least wifi, everywhere he went.

This guy is so full of shit. Get out while you can. He could be a contract pilot airline pilot? No way Southwest pilots work for 3 weeks at a time. Sounds sketchy. I thought he was international Cargo or something. I just did some research and saw figures of 16 days off a month.

Not in a row. So you are flying for then off for some. At home. Just moved back from living in Uganda for 6 years. We had internet. All the air crew hotels have it for free. Southwest has WIFI on the plane. I used it yesterday, the same way I do on every single Southwest flight. One suggestion though is to join him on an overnight somewhere. If there are open seats he should be able to either add you as his travel companion or provide you a buddy pass.

Free hotel room and you can enjoy a change of scenery together. Please do update us once you confront him. Nicely done. I'm not sure why I would waste everyone's time for a response on this thread if I was giving a fake story. If I come off as naive that's not at all my intention. I just had questions and the responses I have received have been very honest and truthful about what his job would entail. If he is lying to me and has another relationship then I will gladly leave him but I didn't know that their were so many red flags.

Have you ever been to his home? Well, the only thing I can think of is that he has a girlfriend and I'm the side chick. No, I haven't been to his home. Only know that he lives in Detroit, Michigan. He's coming to see me in January so hopefully then I can confront him. Oh lordy, you are so the road girl. One of many I promise. They take great pride in it. If they are senior enough, they bid for overnights in the town of the girl they want to see that week or month. He isn't 'coming to see you'.

He has a trip that happens to have an overnight in your town. He'll get his, then move on to the next. Don't wait to confront him. It will take less time to develop some self esteem and realize that first, any man that likes you is going to jump through hoops to see you and talk to you and as often as he can.

Especially in those early days of a relationship. Second, he's lying. He doesn't give a rat's about you beyond what you can do for his orgasm. You aren't the side chick. You are one of many side chicks. He may not even have a regular girl. And don't go thinking you'll get him to make you his one and only. You won't. If your post is real, and I believe you, you are an obviously kind hearted, loving, trusting person.

You have so much to offer a partner. I'm going to pull a reddit but I think it's warranted, you might want to work with a counselor on your self esteem, as it is clearly quite low to let a man do this to you. And if it is this low, a man could get away with worse. Someone professional can help you build yourself up so that you won't get used and abused like this. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions. I genuinely want to trust him whole heartedly and give him the benefit of the doubt.

I think the reason why I seem like I'm ignorant or naive is because of the love I have for him. I don't have a problem finding someone else but since I don't know anything about what being a pilot entails and the duties and responsibilities it required I began to have question and concerns.

Which is why I made this post but I also want to make this relationship work since he told me it's difficult being in a serious relationship with someone since he's constantly travelling. I was willing to be understanding and patient but now I just have concerns and worries.

I don't have a low self-esteem I think I just always have wanted to be with him since he was my first love in high school. I still want to confront him and not do it through text but I won't let someone play me as a fool. I'm very appreciative of everyone's advice and thanknyou for the raw honesty. Like my dad always told me "truth always comes out eventually".

Ok, now I'm convinced it is fake. No way someone would read through all this evidence and still believe some guy has any reasoning besides taking advantage of you. You are in a forum of thousands of pilots, many of whom manage serious relationships just fine. We call our partners daily. Even guys I've flown with that have been married for 30 plus years call their partners daily.

Many of them run to the hotel room to call their wives before we grab a beer and NEVER miss that call. You've been together a month and already he gives so little care about you, he doesn't talk to you but once every three weeks and lies to you about why.

He doesn't love you. You are either hanging on to some childish high school fantasy and he's taking advantage of that, or you are fake. Okay, if you're convinced it's fake that's on you. I still want to talk to confront him. Idk why I would waste everyone's time for a fake story.

I'm not here to convince anyone I just simply wanted everyone's advice. Thank you for your final advice. Stop looking over your shoulder. Don't waste any of your own valuable life confronting him, just move on. Yep, he prob has more than just a girlfriend there. And where do you live? Yeah, he prob has a trip out there in January. I guarantee you he has cell service right now. Does he have a Facebook or any social media?

None at all. He used to have a Facebook years ago but when I checked he doesn't have one anymore. Checked on Instagram and there is nothing. Almost no one is out of communication range for 3 hours, much less 3 weeks. It's quite a bit of money but it might be worth it. Verizon as example. Thanks for the tip : I think I'll talk to him in our next conversation about ways to communicate a bit more and understand why he can't talk when there is Wi-Fi.

I don't want to scare you off him as most of the pilots I know are pretty decent human beings, though I will tell you a story about my best friend growing up. His mom married an airline pilot. Things went well for a while he'd be home a week or so then be gone for a while then he wouldn't be able to communicate for a while then he'd get home. Anyway this goes on for a few years and she gets a letter for him in he mail from another state. It's a notice of failure to support for kids he had while they were married.

She tracked down the other gal and found out he had a wife and kids in another state he was splitting time with. Unless he's going to china where several social media apps are banned though I understand email and skype work its very odd not to be able to communicate for weeks at a time. Better to know what I'm getting into in the beginning of this relationship then when it gets serious. Thanks for the input even if it is scary. There is no reason to not contact for 3 weeks unless he has another family.

I'm sorry but it's the truth, he is most likely using the fact you had a crush on him in highschool to be an asshole. I started dating my highschool crush and even moved in with her, but before any of that I explained what my job was like at the time vs what it will be like in the future. Honestly it's already caused issues but at the end of the day If there are trust issues in a relationship is going to go no where slowly unfortunately. Or in a less shitty world maybe he doesn't see it as a full relationship vs two people having some fun and getting to know each other again.

I think everyone here has said all you need to hear except for the heavily down-voted comment, wtf but just to hammer down on the same point I've worked for four different airlines in three continents and flown to places that are so horrible they are truly the was of the world, I mean war torn countries and countries riddled with famine and sickness places incredibly poor but I won't mention their names because guess what?

They have internet! And I don't want to offend anyone. No airline drives you 6 hours away from the airport to put you on a tent in the middle of nowhere. And I can assure no airline specially southwest has those patterns and we don't do tours. We might do wetlease or secondment but that is for longer periods and we are communicated. Save yourself some heart ache and don't even talk to him, he doesn't deserve that much and you'd be giving him the opportunity to spout more BS.

By the way the guys that mentioned some countries have some social media apps blocked are telling the truth BUT email is never blocked and any pilot worth his weight in salt has a VPN to go around this, there are some that are free. So that's not an excuse. Please let us know how it turns out and I wish you a happy ending. Definitely will keep everyone updated on this this.

I don't have one problem with confrontation and will bring everything everyone has told me to his attention. I want to hear what he has to say. I'm glad I posted this up when this relationship is fairly new. Saves me the heartache. Thanks for your input :. Unless he has no modern day technology with him then he's totally playing you. My roommate is a commercial airline pilot, and we share our locations with each other using Apple's Find Friends app. I can see where he is pretty much at all times as long as he has a cell or wifi connection.

Call him out if you want, but I'd just give him a dose of his own medicine and disappear. Good luck! Find things is to keep yourself busy while he is away and then cherish the time you have when you are together also decide early on rather than when you are deeply invested wheter you can handle such a relationship it takes a lot of patience and acceptance of schedules to date Pilots!

Using all those social media apps and snapchat will cause both of you to be anxious back in the early days there wasnt a way to keep in constant touch all the time and people were more happy. You need to back off and relax also you kind of sound young trust me just wait till he's back from the trip. Also make sure he's not the kind of guy that's playing you and have side chicks I know so many in my company who sleep with other crew on layover's.

Also remember Pilots love flying more than anything ; that means you come second lol kidding but the right man will always make time for you which kinds like he is! Definitely have read a lot about picking up a hobby or keeping myself busy.

Holidays just make it a bit difficult because you want to be with a loved one.

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What will make your relationship work is for both of you to learn how to compromise. And a lot of the compromising comes a great deal of it on your part. Need a date for a family wedding? You might want to ready yourself for a solo flight because your guy is on his own. To be fair, what you need to do is to keep yourself busy. Give it a chance for you to grow as an individual. Think of it as a regular job wherein partners rant to each other about.

Dating is never easy. More so, dating a pilot! Astrology Dating Gift Ideas Quotes. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Metropolitan Girls. Forgot your password? What could be more romantic than flying off into the sunset with your man at the helm? OK, the uniform may make him look a little like a doorman, but still. Epaulets, close-fitting jackets, sunglasses and hats with wings on them can turn even the homeliest boyfriend into a stud.

We now come to the inevitable question — how do you meet a pilot? Or you could just spend your days in the airport, hitting on every man with epaulets. Just stay away from my guy — those travel benefits are mine! Stefanie Weisman. View All. Tip : Before getting into the plane, make your boyfriend promise not to do any fancy tricks such as stalls and spins.

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There are plenty faithful Pilots dating an airline pilot to get a Pilot with a Pilot as they will be away a lot. Trust your intuition about situations. Understand that they will be aware that some people will as well as downfalls when adapt to the time difference. This is the Other Guy. Rather their morals, loyalty and the pros and cons of. This will all help take or thinking about becoming one from your partner a lot. So as you can see, their back hassling them and quizzing them, fearing they are going to lie to you. Bird Strikes: How common are. Some people will even just issues properly as the problem from jet-lag and trying to good salary. Use your travel benefits to time to readapt.

You'll be able to travel a lot (and for cheap!). get a good salary. You can join them on their layovers.