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Cheek online dating

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After graduating from the University of Kentucky in , I moved to New York City and started as a sales assistant at a furniture company. Over the next 15 years, I climbed corporate ladders in architecture, furniture, and design firms, making my way to a six-figure income. For an architect, I managed to land some pretty fabulous, high profile positions that flew me all over the world. This allowed me a life of shopping, dining out, and traveling—like it was actually my job—but it never lead to happiness.

My days in the corporate world felt like time was standing still. During my career, I was constantly coming up with ideas to build my own business, but none of them were powerful enough to ultimately take the leap.

Until one night at dinner with a colleague, I came up with an idea that took online dating to a new level. In February of , I was out to dinner with an architectural colleague. He left with a date. I left with an idea. It was like online dating but backwards. My plan is to expand and create a spin off. A New Yorker of 25 years, I recently relocated to my home state of Kentucky and am working on a new app idea inspired by my own struggles trying to network, meet and date new people in a new city during an extremely unsocial time of purposefully distancing.

My solution will allow users to have a more organic, yet virtual way, of making connections for anything from business, networking, fitness, friendship, hobbies or anything with anyone all over the world! When we got covered in the New York Times nearly over ten years ago, our site got traffic from all over the world until Cheekd.

Once the site came back to life, we got orders all over the country. The Cheekd business model was based on a recurring subscription model once users made their initial purchase. We immediately got that button fixed. I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my career, which is to test your tech again and again and again and then test it again. As a trained architect, I had no idea what I was getting into building a business.

I quickly learned the importance of having the right people on your team. I needed a CTO out of the gate. Our dating app sets itself apart from our competing billion-dollar companies because it gives you the option to interact with a match before starting a virtual relationship with the compatible user. Instead of encouraging users to continue to hide behind a screen, Cheekd pushes you to engage in social settings while paying attention to potential matches in the area.

Our new dating app gives us the power to light the spark face-to-face first and leave the talking for later. My secret is starting each day with a thankful heart, surrounding myself with people that make me happy and making sure I spend all day loving what I do. I also hit the gym religiously every day. I believed so much in my idea that after our launch, I thought I was going to be a billionaire by the end of the year.

The firm claimed to have reached out to more than bloggers, resulting in a couple of articles of little consequence. But I soon realized I had more passion for my company than any agency could and decided to take on the task of PR on my own. I am looking to talk to Lori Cheek about Cheekd. By Dana Leigh. In February of , I was out to dinner with an architectural colleague. He left with a date. I left with an idea. It was like online dating but backwards. As far as the current platform of our app— a Bluetooth dating app that is meant to help singles connect in real space and time— within a 30 foot radius in bars, cafes, at the gym, etc… Now during this time of social distancing, the beauty of our app has become obsolete… hence the need to evolve.

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