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Against internet dating

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She is thin, has clear skin, and straight hair. I actually love my curly hair by the way. But I might not. However, I am not just sitting around waiting. This summer, I realized how tired I had become of feeling sorry for myself. Joining the crazy world of OkCupid has been scary, uncomfortable, and sometimes unpleasant at times, but it has allowed me to take control of my romantic life. I've talked to so many women who say that online dating has revolutionized their romantic experiences.

For women who are interested in men, gender norms dictate that men should be asking us out, that they should be in control of our romantic destiny. I think that regardless of gender, asking someone out is something that takes courage. I know that every time I sent an email to ask someone out prior to my online dating life, I was overwhelmed with nervousness. And I have never explicitly asked someone out in person. That takes guts, and even I have not dared to be that bold.

Yet with online dating, the stakes are lower. For me, it feels very low risk to send bold and daring messages out to men in the OkCupid universe. But even though it's low risk, I'd argue that it is a way that I am challenging societal gender norms that say that as a woman, I should be waiting around for some man to sweep me off my feet. In this small way, online dating can be radical. Through what other medium is it so easy for a woman to ask a man out without often being perceived as too assertive, as too bold?

I can't think of any. OkCupid has allowed me to post photos of myself where I think I look good -- where I don't look overweight. If you meet me in person, you may think, who is that short stocky girl with poofy hair? But if you look at my pictures on my online dating profile, you're probably not going to think that. I'm not saying that we should all go obscuring how we really look or that being overweight means you are not attractive -- this is how I experience it personally , which the online dating world has termed "catfishing," but I think there is something to online dating's ability to create unexpectedly successful relationships based on this crazy thing called the internet.

Of course, looks are some of the first characteristics that people judge each other's profiles for. There are certain things you can't hide. But OkCupid has this funny way of bringing people together who may not have found each other attractive if they saw each other out on the street. Online dating should not just be for those lacking validation, those not considered attractive by society -- it can and should be for everyone.

And how cool is it that I get to meet so many people that I would have probably never known existed if not for meeting them on the Internet? OkCupid is simply a vessel for which to connect people -- it isn't very different from meeting someone at a bar, for example. Just because you meet someone in person doesn't mean it is going to be successful, no matter how "organically" it happens.

My friend always jokes that if an OkCupid date doesn't work out, I'll just order another one online. She's right, and that is pretty awesome. So many people are doing online dating these days. Everyone is talking about how funny it is, but not as many people are talking about how it has revolutionized the way humans find romantic connection. The fact is, whether we admit it or not, society at large still privileges meeting someone in person over meeting someone online.

I've internalized this idea myself. The stigma still exists, no matter how less it is now than when online dating first emerged. So many of us do online dating, but so many of us are still embarrassed by it, even when there are so many dating apps out there. But it doesn't have to be that way. Think I'm wrong? Think there is no stigma?

I have a friend who I privately know met her boyfriend on Jdate -- but she doesn't tell most people that. I know several other couples who have met on online who keep that fact a secret. Think about it -- if you get engaged to someone you met on OkCupid, how likely it is that you are going to tell a random stranger the true story of how you met?

Probably not super likely. Though I wish it didn't, it even sounds embarrassing to me! If I can first convince myself to further stop the stigma, maybe can I convince others to do the same. We watch and read the adverts people's profiles and — based on what we are told is factually relevant data — we then, allegedly, make a rational decision to try the product.

The more choices available ie the more popular a matchmaking website , we are told, the better for those making the choice. Yet it is these intrusions by business speak into the very inner workings of society that should be of great concern. This is further emphasised by the manner in which these processes are explained by proponents of online dating, as "opening up options" and "putting yourself out there". One site, match. The irrational and unpredictable nature of something very human — love and the interpersonal — is turned on its head and transformed into a rational product.

Furthermore, the way dating websites calculate matches distorts the very core of interpersonal relations. Online seekers of partners and friends rely on computer calculations of a set of hard questions. There is little room if any for subtlety, deviance, or exploration. The questions that many of these websites use are so mind-numbingly awful "Are you happy with your life?

Yes, B. No, C. Most of the time" that it cannot even be claimed to replicate real conversations. If I were asked most of the questions used to calculated compatibility on a normal date in a pub, say, I would run a mile. And that's the point: this is not an extension of humanity and human interaction; it is a fundamental shift.

Interpersonal relationships are being transformed into products that can be supposedly objectively measured and objectively chosen, even though such relations represent the exact opposite. The first claims that one can have love without the unexpected " Ayez l'amour sans le hasard! Love — this great irrational driver of humanity — has become an object, which people wish to be fully informed about, choose rationally, and not suffer any unexpected disappointments from.

It is, as philosopher Slavoj Zizek has noted, like caffeine-free coffee. We want to enjoy these essence-free products, but without the irrationality of consuming bad things or accepting the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of emotions and feelings. Everything that makes culture and society real, impulsive, and often erratic is stripped away in favour of rational choice-making.

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Previous Pew Research Center studies about online dating indicate that as straight adults to say they have used a dating site or app (55% vs. Americans' opinions about the online dating environment than men to say dating sites and apps are not a safe way meet to people (53% vs. Online daters can be vulnerable to potential scammers. Here are 5 5 rules to help protect against online dating scams.