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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Dating the Devil- really cute premise, and very enjoyable read. This goes quickly, is a page-turner, and I wish the story went on longer. There are times when I found myself laughing outloud- always a great sign for a romance! The twist is quite clever- who would think that she was really dating the The dialogue is especially good- Lia Romeo has a great ear for clever, realistic dialogue.

Since I probably won't go off to New York and experience what Lucy does, at least I can read about it! This is the perfect curl-up-before-the-fire-with-a-book novel. It moves really quickly, and never drags. Since this is her first novel, I am hoping she has a long career writing fun romance novels. I think she is a big talent. It will be fun to see what happens in the sequence there HAS to be a sequel The writing is fine, and the story is cohesive.

It's a solid debut novel. But I just don't like the ending, and for me, that ruined the whole thing. I knew the premise, and I knew it would be a light, cute, romantic read. And it was. As others have indicated, it is pageturner -- I couldn't put it down! But the ending! It just left me blinking and confused. She is willing to be the reigning queen of hell -- for a guy?

Some reviews have suggested this is a cliffhanger. If it is, and there is a sequel, I am not sure I would read it. I guess I expected her to date the devil, learn something from it, and move on. I didn't expect her to declare her eternal love for him. It just doesn't sit well for me. Not the kind of romantic partnership I can comfortably root for. One person found this helpful. As a girl that was raised Roman Catholic, I usually stay away from any book or movie with a subject matter regarding Satan.

Still, I ordered my sample of this for my Kindle, and could not stop reading so I purchased the book, anyway. I still wasn't sure how much I could handle the Hero actually being the Devil, but I was cautiously optimistic. It turns out I could not put it down and read it in a day. It was a quick, charming read, with entertaining characters. I laughed a few times, which made it all the better. Unfortunately the Kindle edition of the book has sections missing. At the bottom of a screen, part-way through a sentence, the top of the next screen is part-way through a different sentence.

It makes it impossible to read the book and get a coherent grip on the story line. I'm truly disappointed as this story began well and the reviews probably not for the Kindle edition where very promising. This is a perfect weekend book. It is surprisingly funny, the characters are easy going - even the mephistopheles is likable. It is certainly not a deep going book, but what does one expect about a book dating the devil.

The end is a bit in satisfying , because it has a sudden end similar to a cliffhanger in a soap opera but I hope the author Lia Romeo won't let us wait too long. I can recommend this book. Lonely girl falls for Satan literally. Lonely girl's roommates find plenty of action everywhere they go,so when a handsome stranger pays attention to her she falls hard. Little does she know he is Satan. The whole premise is totally unrealistic, but that was one of the reasons it caught my attention.

Can't say I loved the ending, but I guess that's all you could expect. This is a great book about falling in love fast and then questioning the very reason why you did that. The other issue that is dealt with is how would you do if the person you use to love came back into your life would you love the new one you are with or go back to the one you use to be with?

This is a great book that will keep you with the story from beginning to the end. I would recommend this book to anyone. For me, Dating the Devil was an enjoyably fun, fast paced read that I found myself coming back to even when I wasn't on the subway which I rarely ever do. As a New Yorker, I also enjoyed familiar references to some of Manhattan's kitschier spots, particularly once I discovered where "hell" was located a real chortle-out-loud kind of moment.

I found the book pleasantly surprising in its depiction of the Father of Lies as Definitely a unique twist on modern chick lit themes. Chances are you know someone who has had a poltergeist or ghost problem. Or maybe your good friend secretly poisoned her lover , or killed 13 people.

You're probably only one degree away from someone who has lived a past life. So, accidentally finding yourself dating Satan wouldn't be that crazy, right? So, what are the signs that someone you know might just be Satan in disguise? Sure, there are the obvious traits of the Devil - like cloven feet, horns, and a tail - but what about his more subtle characteristics?

Things like the way he talks, the clothes he wears, and the music he listens to. Use the list below to make sure you know how to spot Satan before you date him! They don't call him a handsome Devil for nothing - examples of the Devil being a handsome heartthrob have been part of popular media for decades, all the way back to Freaks in the s, or Hairspray in the s.

So, if your boyfriend is noticeably handsome, or if he wears a Prada suit particularly well , he might actually be the Devil in disguise. Look, everybody farts - it's not a big deal. But if you happen to notice that your boyfriend occasionally smells like he just rolled around in rotten eggs, then you might have found yourself a Devil in disguise.

The Bible makes several mentions of " fire and brimstone," which is used as a symbol of the wrath of the gods - but brimstone is actually just the archaic name for sulfur, which is commonly found at volcanic sites and smells like really rotten eggs.


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Ryan Reynolds creates a lovestruck, dating Satan for Match's devilish take on Reynolds' agency Maximum Effort brings us a love story. Dating the Devil - Kindle edition by Romeo, Lia. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. 9 Lessons I Learned From Dating the Devil In light of National Love Day, I decided to write an article on what I learned from being in a toxic relationship. But don't.