tomtom updating maps

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Tomtom updating maps sex match dating

Tomtom updating maps

If your map download was interrupted you can resume downloading by clicking the link below and following the simple steps. In rare cases, your navigation device may not start correctly or may stop responding. If this happens, try resetting your device. If your navigation device is looping after a map update, you need to remove a file from the map folder on your device.

Help me now. How can we help you? I have a new device, where do I start? Learn more. I have just purchased a map, now what? I want to buy an update for my map. I want to update my map and I already have a subscription for it. I want to buy a map for a different region.

I think I already have a map subscription, how do I check? I want to know if my map is up-to-date. In the example, the map version is In the overview below, you can find when your map was released. If your map is not up-to-date, we recommend buying a new map. Heads up - Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Your browser is outdated, meaning it's incompatible with our website and exposes your computer to security risks. For a better, safer experience, please use a different browser or upgrade here. More info at tomtom. How would you rate our support? Are you a retailer? Visit our retail portal for self-service and to chat with one of our retail support specialists. Go to retail portal. Continue using consumer help site.

Welcome to TomTom Support. Latest map version TomTom's latest map version is

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The Navcore update is already checked and at the top of the list, so just click Update Selected to install it. To download and install updates tick or untick the checkboxes to the right to choose what to update, then click Update Selected. The update s are first downloaded to your computer, then transferred to your navigation device, and finally installed and prepared for use.

Is your update not starting or getting interrupted? Click here to jump to the troubleshooting section. You can also add, delete or change the maps you have installed on your navigation device in the My Content tab. When you scroll down to My Maps , you see the maps that are installed on as well as available for your device.

Click on a map image to see more details. If your device is not recognised by your computer and is just listed as Not Connected in MyDrive Connect, first make sure to check the connection between your computer and device:. If your device is still not shown as Connected , see: Navigation device not connecting to a computer MyDrive Connect. Before you update your device we recommend that you have at least 8GB free space available on the computer.

When it comes to the free space on your navigation device, MyDrive Connect will let you know if an update or map does not fit on your device. For more detailed information on freeing up space, see: Removing unused content To find more information about compatible SD card and related topics, see: Using a memory card with a TomTom device. Sometimes an installation can get interrupted or stuck, or you may see a map listed as Corrupted under My Maps. This is often caused by issues related to internet connectivity.

For more information on failed map installations, or more detailed troubleshooting steps for redownloading maps, see: No maps available MyDrive Connect. Heads up - Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Your browser is outdated, meaning it's incompatible with our website and exposes your computer to security risks. Every day professional drivers load real-time traffic information and then they are grouped by TomTom in available updates for download. One great advantage of Mapshare over the paid maps which come out only four times a year , is that they are updated monthly or even daily.

Taking into account that TomTom has a huge user database then the adjustments brought by MapShare will most likely cover most regions of the world. There are several other projects which are trying to provide free maps for TomTom using Open Street Maps. Open Street Maps is a community of enthusiasts who provide a free platform where you can edit, upload or download maps from any region.

This method could brick your device and make you accountable to the law — use it at your own risk. For those who want paid Tomtom maps at no cost, there is a solution. Search on forums for original maps that can be downloaded as a registered user.

Download the compatible maps available for your TomTom on forum topics you will find compatibility charts. Make a backup of your software and maps using TomTom Home. After that, delete your old maps from the device. Copy the map to your device or external card. You will need to copy it to the appropriate folder. Use FastActivate instructions to patch your device and activate TomTom maps for free. Restart your satnav and you should have the new maps installed and running.

So far it works perfectly well in the UK. There is no manual with the item, and I cannot find info on Google though I assume there must be some? Can anyone help me? It should just work automatically. Try planning a route now to somewhere in France then run the route demo to see the route it will take. I picked up a TomTom Ease for free. It has no SD slot and internal memory is only 1. Getting the latest TomTom maps that will fit in it would be nice, since the company ceased updates to the Ease and many other older models in I moved to Malaysia and need the use of Malaysian maps and Vietnam maps to install to my gps.