updating an unlocked iphone 3gs

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Updating an unlocked iphone 3gs celibacy dating websites

Updating an unlocked iphone 3gs

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There is no way you have an officially unlocked iPhone 3Gs from the US. The unlocked iPhone, available in the US, started with the iPhone 4. The 3GS was never sold as unlocked in the US. Apple just started selling that version with the release of the iPhone 4S. Oct 11, PM in response to wjosten In response to wjosten. Is everybody blind or unable to read? The 3GS was sold unlocked in many countries.

Everyone who responded assumed the OP bought the phone in the USA, in spite of 2 statements that he or she did not. Actually, the OP did purchase the phone in the US The information the OP has provided is indeed rather vague, but all indications are that the iPhone was carrier-locked and hacked to unlock it. If that is the original phone, with original software, and it's unlocked, then when you upgrade it will remain unlocked. Irrespective of where you bought it.

The iPhone3GS was released in many countries, unlocked. If as others have suggested your phone would be locked to any network when you upgrade then ALL iphone3GS users would be in the predicament. As part of the update process, iTunes validates the phone with Apple and iTunes will download the correct version for it. Oct 11, PM in response to varjak paw In response to varjak paw.

I bought it from taiwan, I was there a few months sent by my company, and I was not living in US at that time, and the IPhone was not available in my country. So the question still remains : an unlocked 3GS iphone, bought in another country not in USA , can it be upgarded to 4.

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View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Oct 11, PM in response to oanafromdarien In response to oanafromdarien A locked iPhone will lock to whatever network it was originally locked to, not to the closest GSM network. Loading page content. User profile for user: deggie deggie. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I am currently using T-Mobile sim and all but am worried that if i upgrade iOS it will remove the unlock.

I jailbroke and unlocked my iPhone. I updated it and it didn't lock it again for ME, at least. Try it and if it does lock, just follow what Chenzo said. If the unlock that you have is in the Baseband you don't have problems, I did it to my iphone and it keep unlock but i recommend you wait for the 4.

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Iphone updating an 3gs unlocked young farmers dating site

Restore \u0026 Update a Bricked iPhone 3Gs 6.15.00 to iOS 5.0 Firmware - 5.0 Jailbreak/Unlock

PARAGRAPHConnect iPhone 3GS to the PC by cable with an a pleasure dealing with free indiandating one where you bought the device 2. Steven - Very good service Richard - Always very good, updating an unlocked iphone 3gs simcard insterted simcard from a different network than the. Easy payment via PayPal also. Carrier was from a different country, this method unlocked the phone with zero hassle. After all, those of us to roaminggnome In response to roaminggnome. Удобная оплата Оплатить собственный продукт сможете забрать без помощи других безвозмездно из точки самовывоза, а также мы можем доставить его к Для вас домой по выгодным тарифам. Worth the wait and the small cost Saved me a few phone calls Perfekt, nach kurzer Zeit war das Smartphone entsperrt, hat nur 2 Stunden gedauert, wirklich zu empfehlen. Filed under: Apple Mobile. Great service, phone unlocked in 4 days as claimed. Jul 31, PM in response to ac mini In response to ac mini.