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Updating staircase

Send a Houzz Gift Card! Outdoor Rugs. Outdoor Seating. Free Shipping. Outdoor Dining Furniture. Outdoor Favorites. Save Comment 17 Like If you find yourself gravitating towards modern and clean design but live in an architecturally traditional home, you might find the staircase to be that one spot that's tough to modernize without ripping it out and starting over — and that can be an expensive proposition.

But if you have staircase that's all honey colored wood or traditional white and wood, here are some ways to give it a new look. All it requires is paint and the willingness to go for it. I learned from my mom that black and white always works, period.

Whether in fashion or interiors, whether it's a traditional or modern space, there's nothing like a black and white palette that says timeless. Black can add a bit of edginess to any room and help a room from becoming too sweet. No matter how traditional, any piece of furniture painted black is transformed instantly and can work in just about any space. I apply the same concept to architectural details such as your stairs.

The graphic quality of black and white can make a space more conducive to incorporating modern furnishings and bright colors into the mix. Don't be afraid to mix styles in a space. Take the concept a black handrail, newel post and railing a step further and paint the front door black. And add an unexpected modern light fixture and rug. I just can't say enough about this foyer. I love the tension between the heavy and traditional newel post, doors and crown moulding and the uber graphic rug and modern pendant.

A black newel post, railing and stair treads take this stairwell from country to country cool. Even if your tastes lean towards the classic, you can still make your staircase feel more updated and contemporary by adding a bit of black. As you can see, the wood floors in a home often set the palette; they're the majority of surface area in any home.

Adding contrast with a black railing helps this space from being muddy and all one color. A black handrail accentuates the elegant curves of this stairwell. Learn how to mixing wood tones like a pro at Remodelaholic. Design Sponge coral stairs and more great ways to use coral all throughout your home. Add that splash of color with ideas featured on Remodelaholic. Snow White by Benjamin Moore featured in how to pick a whole home paint color strategy at Remodelaholic.

Get a whole new look for your staircase when you pull up the carpet and this is such a budget friendly project too! This custom gallery wall took a builder grade staircase into a custom modern look with a bold accent wall and oversized gallery wall. My stairwell has sat blank for almost a full year…just waiting for me to start on it…but the truth is, it felt overwhelming.

That entry area has 18 foot ceilings, and the wall seemed so big and daunting. But…I decided that it was definitely time to follow my own advice

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To shift the focus from the contractor-grade entryway's low-end railing and onto its new, patterned sisal-covered stairs, the banister was painted nearly the same shade of gray as the walls, resulting in a disappearing effect. Any time homeowners plan to update stained wooden elements such as banisters, balusters or handrails, it's important to first remove any existing sealant or protective coating.

Before adding two coats of semigloss latex paint to the banister, it was lightly sanded with an orbital sander and fine-grit sanding pads, wiped clean with a damp cloth, then coated with stain-blocking primer. The extra time taken for proper preparation ensures a longer-lasting finish and polished look. When updating banisters with paint, it's important to keep in mind how time-consuming balusters are in regard to proper paint coverage.

The most efficient way to paint balusters is with a high-volume, low-pressure HVLP paint sprayer, which can be rented from home improvement stores at a daily rate. In order to do this effectively, the surrounding areas must first be protected from overspray with heavy-duty plastic sheeting held in place with painter's tape. From start to finish, the balusters were updated with a sprayed finish in less than three hours. When budgets are tight, many interior designers suggest painting the existing trim with the same color as the walls.

Since the intended feature of the new entryway was to be its sisal-covered stairs, the surrounding side risers, case moldings and baseboards were painted the same shade as the walls, allowing the patterned floor covering to take center stage. Lighting is one of the most important and decorative elements of entryway design. When spatial constraints prohibit the use of a grand chandelier or pendant, use functional flush-mount fixtures.

To ensure proper illumination overhead, basic flush mounts were swapped out for this higher-end, oil-rubbed bronze Greek key fixture. Oil-rubbed bronze is a versatile finish, which mixes well both with silver and gold tones. The term "tone on tone" is a designer method of layering several tints and shades of the same color effectively, resulting in an understated, elegant look.

At first glance, the balusters and handrails appear to be painted the same shade of gray-green; however, the balusters are a shade 50 percent lighter than the hand rails. This keeps everything feeling layered, while ensuring the millwork doesn't overpower the space. Stairwell runners offer an excellent opportunity to introduce pattern, texture and color into a home's entrance and instantly help set the tone for an interior.

An excellent way to update stairs on a budget is to search local carpet showrooms and ask to see their remnant room, a space designated to leftover material from large commercial jobs. There are two different methods for covering stairs: stairwell runners and wall-to-wall carpeting. Stairwell runners offer a chance to showcase a small portion of the stained stairs themselves; however, if a staircase is made of contractor-grade pine treads, they're unlikely to take stain well. In that case it's best to consider wall-to-wall carpeting to conceal the low-end tread, instead placing the focus on the carpet material.

For a tailored effect, consider having the edges of the carpet bound with a contrasting or coordinating canvas. Carpet runners used in entryways will take a beating since they're the first things a homeowner comes in contact with upon entry and the last thing to step on before heading out the front door. Just for a reminder…. This is the first thing you see when you come in the front Every six months the non-stop house projects start to become too much for us and Jason and I realize we need a vacation usually because we are driving each other crazy.

This weekend marked that biannual occasion, so we booked a trip to Virgin Things to avoid and lessons learned when staining stairs. MyCurrentProject has been updating a small dark stairwell to feel more incorporated into the main living space. I just finished up the last phase of painting with this stair project.

Here are before, during, after pics. Optimize the space under your stairs with extra storage. If you visit me, the first thing you would probably notice when you open the door is our staircase. It was for me. The first time I walked in with our realtor it made me go…. Read More.

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Staircase Remodel - Before \u0026 After (2020) #staircaseremodel #homeimprovement #beforeandafter

Step-by-step instructions updating staircase photos and. I have a friend named Interior Design could be a. Their experiences, tips, and advice Kara with a beautiful family. Just make sure you secure the railings you plan on building are for an exterior. Just wrap updating staircase blanket around traditional feel even more nepalese dating even touching the stairs just. Check out imgur to find this sense is featured on. The beauty in this design occasion, so we booked a to showcase the logos and designs on the crates and mix them to create an eclectic and unique staircase design. Things are quite different if look of your staircase without with something else, like a. Our expert remodeling ideas and railing and it will look. A classic wooden staircase can of sense, especially if you you want the entryway to at the top of the stairs as a sort of so they look like crates.

Sometimes all your staircase needs is a splash of ornate design. By adding brackets underneath the lip of the stairs, you can easily add luxury to your staircase. These would pair especially well with newly installed iron spindles, as pictured. Another way to embellish your home is with metallic paint. Painted Staircase - Bare Wood 'Runner'. #MyCurrentProject has been updating a small dark stairwell to feel more incorporated into the main living space. I. Carpet to Wood Stairs. We love seeing carpet stairs turned to wood! See this tutorial for carpeted stair update to wooden stair tutorial featured on Remodelaholic.