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Updating your resume 2012

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This should cheer you up: You spend days, weeks, maybe even months working on your resume, fiddling with fonts and wording and getting it into perfect shape for your dream job. Then a recruiter looks at it for mere seconds and tosses it. According to a study released this week by TheLadders, an online job-matching service, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. The standard thought was that recruiters spent at least several minutes on each CV.

Below are six tips from Evans for each precious second a recruiter spends with your resume. This is not the time to get fancy. You want potential employers to get the most information from your resume as quickly as possible. Your resume should follow a standard hierarchy that all recruiters are used to looking at.

If you are searching for a new job, it may be a good idea to tweak your resume. The following post has 10 signs to tell you that your resume needs some adjustments. The dynamic job market of today keeps changing and what was required on a resume a few years ago could be the show stopper today.

To roll with the punches the clever job seeker has to be flexible and prepared to adapt, this goes especially for your resume. Resumes are living documents and will change over time, just like you should.


If you're not working, it's especially valuable to keep freshening your resume, update as often as you can, Dickter emphasizes. If you've been job-hunting longer than three months, try to find a volunteer, part-time or temporary position within your field. Register with a temp agency—an employer may have a short-term project requiring additional staff, but would rather not hire full-time or permanent engineers [who also have to be paid benefits].

Revising is a strategic job-hunting tactic. If it's been a few months since you applied to a particular employer, "Updating your resume is a good reason to get in touch again," says Dickter. However, remember that you can't contact them every other week.

Ask a professional colleague to review your resume and make sure it's effective and nice-looking, she suggests. Just be clear that you're simply seeking advice about the industry right now, and any suggestions about how to strengthen your resume. The reviewer may suggest changing some wording, or adding more detail in one area," says Dickter. Employers pay attention to when you've done things, Dickter finds.

She prefers placing dates at the right margin or immediately after the job you're listing, "because putting them on the left side of the page draws attention to the time frame. You want the employer to focus on what you achieved or which skills you gained. For accomplishments with the same employer, you needn't list the date of each previous project; simply distinguish each one with a bullet. When you update, add any recent project at your current job. In describing your current position, say "July to present.

Make periodic decisions about what to add or delete. For experienced engineers, include mostly information relevant to the field. This shows organizational skills and time management. I think employers do like to see that people have a life outside their engineering jobs. Many of us have professional organizations that support our careers.

Those sorts of positions display leadership capabilities and show motivation to do your work. Look, when you get down to specific job openings, all the crazy resume rules come into play: how long the resume should be, how you write the accomplishments, and all that related stuff.

The memory is a fragile thing. But I accomplished a lot. What did you accomplish? And is it on your resume? Is this advise for people who have jobs? Dennis — yes, this is for someone to update based on having a job. Most people only update their resume when their looking for a new job. This article shows the importance of keeping your resume updated. I really like the part about telling a story of your accomplishments.

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How to Update Your Resume

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