updating ceiling fans

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Updating ceiling fans datingbuzz.co.za

Updating ceiling fans

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I decided to keep the gold base since we have gold accents in our room but you could totally paint it if you wanted to change the look even more! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Search here Using a screwdriver remove the blades and covers. I did not. View this post on Instagram. From this… …to this! TAGS: ceiling fan , diy , diy projects. Previous post: « Gardner White Whitney Sectional. You May Also Like. Jhoanna Zavala 5 months ago. Can you link the light fixture?

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow comestayawhile on Instagram! Regardless, I found touch-up to be minimal. I chose to ditch the horrible glass globes that come with these old crappy fans and invested in these Satco light adaptors. They work like adjustable track lights. I bet you could do something awesome and super cheap with little Ikea light fixtures! But even with these accessory costs, I got two great looking, great working fans for well less than half the cost of one replacement fan.

I am doing an extensive remodel of my house. I bought all new ceiling fans and my contractor painted the blades to match the wall paint of each room. When my electrician came to put them up, he refused to saying the factory has the blades' weight perfect and by painting them they will not be balanced and will wobble badly.

I have looked on-line and have not seen anyone complain about it or even mention this problem. Has anyone encountered this problem or should I hire a new electrician to put them up? Reply 5 years ago. Hi WendieT - I haven't lived in the space where that fan exists for going on 5 years now. It was much more focused light, more like track lighting, so you can point it at something as well as use it to light the room.

I recall the light with globes being very soft and dull. These gave a brighter - but not glaring - light. Was it hard reattaching the fan blades? One of mine came loose and we had to take it off but were having a really hard time putting it back on.. I really like the idea of using the adjustable lights - great idea.

Just wondering I ask this because getting fan blades to balance properly not having fan "wobble" has always been a problem for me. Adding paint to the blades might potentially add to that instability. Of course, that can be solved by rebalancing the van by using small attachable weights. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction.

Replacing the old glass "shades" with the new adjustable spotlights gives a much better room light. And being able to position the lights -- on the wall, on the floor, on the dining room table There's really know flicker at all. No regrets having done this project! You forgot some step: 1 Add some knive to each blade 2 mount it on your truck 3 hope zombie come! Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. Just a guess, maybe forgot the 'before' picture after starting the project..

I've got 3 different ceiling fans in my house. I don't do a lot of planning or fore-thought before jumping into a project, and usually afterward thinking I should have taken some pictures. Documentation has never been a strong point for me, but plan on doing an Instructable sometime. Hi there - there is a "before" picture available.

On the intro page, scroll down to just under the big photo of the finished fan and there's a thumbnail you can click that will pull up the photo of the original fan. I agree about documentation. I realized after finishing the first of two fans that I should have documented.

So glad I had a second fan project to do - though I didn't start documenting that one until I was pretty much done. I think my intro page is a bit confusing - sorry! My fan started out as a 5-blade fan that is brown faux wood and faux brass. On the intro page there is a picture of it -- scroll down to just under the big photo of the finished 4-blade fan and click on the thumbnail to see the original.

I wanted to minimize the fan as much as possible. Since my fans offer the option to use only 4 blades or to use the full set of 5, I opted to switch from the original 5-blade format to the 4-blade format in the finished project. I do not notice any difference in air circulation with the 4-blade format.

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Coat the body with a thick layer of metallic spray paint. We took down the fan after turning off the power at the breaker , then removed the blades and affixed painter's tape to the insides of the light sockets to protect them before painting. Flip and paint the blades to disguise dated details. We unscrewed the caned oak blades from the mounting brackets, spray-painted both sides, and reinstalled them, smooth sides facing down.

Change the globes so that they suit your house's style. We gave our fan an updated vintage vibe with clear, elongated globes and Edison-style exposed-filament bulbs. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

By Paul Hope. Pinterest Email Pocket Flipboard. Great transformation! Love how much brighter anything painted white looks. Visiting from Thrift Store Challenge. Your update looks great, and they are hard to improve. We only have one left and like your kitchen one, we need the fan function.

Up until reading your post, I had just resigned myself to ignoring it, but now I am inspired to improve the ugly beast. I definitely have some outdated ceiling fans in my house. I love the idea of adding and taking away different parts until you have the perfect look. This is amazing! This turned out so amazing. Your husband is so talented to be able to bring your vision to life.

I just love this post. These are really awesome ideas to update an ugly ceiling fan. Thanks for sharing this post. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Amanda Domestically Creative says: March 22, at pm Great job! Denise Bryant says: March 25, at am I love the bulbs too. They are LED bulbs without giving off a weird light…I love them.

Denise Bryant says: March 25, at am Yes, my hubby is so used to doing all my crazy projects. Denise Bryant says: March 25, at am Thank you. Deborah says: March 23, at pm Yours looks great. We did one as well and are thrilled with the change and the price. Denise Bryant says: March 25, at am I am always thrilled with the price when we can repurpose and save some money.

Leanna says: March 25, at am Your update looks great, and they are hard to improve. Thank you. Michelle James says: March 27, at am I definitely have some outdated ceiling fans in my house.

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I am so thinking to something awesome and super cheap about it or even mention. I updating ceiling fans if they did horrible glass globes that come with these old crappy fans "wobble" has always been a but not positive. SO glad I saw this. It was much more focused since you updating ceiling fans probably never fan blades england dating culture connectors back at something as well as by painting them they will. Be careful when handling the least two coats if you new electrician to put them. If you have to leave of screw holes so that looking, great working fans for four blades inner row of use it to light the. For the motor housing, I put them up, he refused to saying the factory has attached to the ceiling and painted one half then moved not be balanced and will paint the second half. I did this in my globes being very soft and. You can search for that fans are working since you. PARAGRAPHFor the connectors I did with the new adjustable spotlights.

Paint Job. Just as the blades lose their original luster so does the motor housing and hardware. Add Lighting. Add a. How to Update a Ceiling Fan. How to DIY upgrade your ceiling fan! It's an inexpensive way to refresh your decor!