priority tracking not updating

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Priority tracking not updating

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Another seller told me to choose the option of email updates to keep track of them. Yes, I have noticed this. The same tracking number on eBay that shows no movement, if fed into the USPS' tracking system, shows the package moving steadily towards its destination.

I have no idea why this is; but it is. I have 2 items I know have been delivered but tracking here and at USPS still shows both items out for delivery. Both items were delivered over 10 days ago. Fortunatelly my buyers are honest but I'm sure there are plenty of other buyers that are counting on taking advantage of lousy USPS service.

As I've stated many times, I've received numerous packages that don't show a scan until they hit my local sort center. And some don't show anything until they've actually been delivered. Don't worry about it unless your buyer contacts you. This is the first time I've had scans that didn't eventually complete and show delivered. In the past I've had some that took a few days to complete after the item was delivered but none that went delivered incomplete.

I got the 2 incompletes in the last 14 items I shipped. That's a scary ratio and I hope it's just a fluke. No difference from the Ebay tracking, although your right you can often get more updated information. Thanks for the ideas everyone My PO is pretty good and our weather is great, so to just see "acceptance" scans or dispatched to sorting center scans and then nothing for 3 days now with Priority packages is very unusual And with this new selling account, checking on DC sure does speed up when my funds get released!

Half the time with both delivery showing AND immediate positive feedback, I still have to call PP to remind them to release the payments. The weather may be nice in your area. But when bad weather hits major swaths of the country, as it has twice now this month, that backs up air traffic and delays cargo flights everywhere. Tracking not being updated for a few days is normal at this time of year, due to the increased volume of mail.

I've found that it's helpful to be proactive during the Holidays, stating right in my listings that delivery may take longer than normal. As you found out , Buyer will get in touch with you should they not receive the package in what they consider to be a timely manner.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Go to solution. Is anyone else noticing this phenomenon or other unusual delays not weather related?

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How To Write An Email? Step 1: First, you need to verify whether you have entered the correct tracking number. Step 3: If you are getting the same message on the USPS dashboard even after entering the correct tracking number, then the problem must be with the mail service provider. Step 4: The possible reasons for USPS not updating are missed out scanning of the package, weather conditions, missed out scan during the intermediary stops, unscannable or broken Barcode, and delay by the carrier.

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Why hasn't USPS updated my tracking info?

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Step 4: The possible reasons for USPS. It can vary greatly. What John Lloyd answered is true. But I've had priority mail that was not scanned until several days after mailing. It did get eventually scanned. › Home › USPS FAQ.