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Youtube most viewed today not updating

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YouTube is one of the most dynamic streaming platforms used all across the globe. Many content creators have shot to stardom through their efforts on YouTube. People who create better content may get more views, which can increase their watch time hours. Here are a few things to keep in mind to know about the issue of YouTube public watch hours not updating. According to the new rules, YouTube has set new guidelines for what does and does not count as watch hours.

They have also set guidelines for the periodicity of video uploading. According to which the videos must be uploaded regularly to be counted under the YPP program. One more thing to remember is that only the watch hours of the past days are counted to encourage new videos. YouTubers have expressed their dissatisfaction with this ever since YouTube released the new guidelines.

YouTube defends itself by saying this is the only way they can narrow down their payment margin as the platform is bursting with so many content creators, and paying them all is not workable. However, knowing and following the guidelines gives you an advantage. If you are able to create videos and upload them regularly, you will not find any reasons to complain. Fortunately, major issues such as this do not happen often, however, less impactful bugs do annoy users more often than not.

Usually, YouTube does a good job of acknowledging most bugs and issues encountered by users and fixes them within a matter of hours or a few days depending on the number of affected users. It also releases updates regularly for the application on Android and iOS to make sure that any bugs that may be present are ironed out. Therefore, in this post, we will be tracking the status of all existing bugs, issues, and pending improvements to the best of our abilities in order to help you save time.

The tracker below will be regularly updated as and when a new bug pops up or when there is any development on existing bugs, issues, or pending improvements on YouTube so it would be wise to keep an eye on this post regularly. Head here for more info. IST pm: It seems that assigned editors and managers of YouTube channels are not able to upload videos on the channel.

In a fresh response to a query on Twitter, TeamYouTube claimed that their team is still working on fixing the problem. It goes back to normal once the screen is unlocked. Head here to know more. This has, of course, left many users frustrated. Head here for more details and a few workarounds. IST am: TeamYouTube has reached out to another individual who has been affected by the bug which prevents managers and editors from uploading videos to the channel.

In its tweet, TeamYouTube has claimed that creating a new channel using the email associated with the affected YouTube account should solve the problem temporarily. Unfortunately, the tweet does not entail any details regarding when the issue will be fixed. Creating a new channel using the email associated with the affected YouTube account should enable you to upload in the meantime as a workaround Source.

Head here to know more about the issue. IST pm: YouTube is yet to fix the issue where the volume on ads is way too loud compared to the volume of the actual video. This issue has been around for several years. Head here to know more about the problem and why it is the case. IST pm: YouTube Premium users who are using the service on their Smart TVs are reporting that they are still being served ads even though YouTube Premium is supposed to offer an ad-free experience.

More details here. YouTube has acknowledged the issue and a fix should be released soon. Full coverage here. IST am: YouTube claims that it has fixed the issue wherein editors and managers of YouTube channels were not able to upload videos.

IST pm: It appears that many users are facing an issue wherein the autoplay feature continues to work even after it has been disabled on browsers. Fortunately, it appears that YouTube is aware of the problem and a fix is in the works. Head here to know more about the problem and why it may be happening. IST am: Some of the YouTube users majorly in Europe are now being blocked from watching certain videos with a prompt asking for information like credit card details and age verification-related documents.

For more details on the matter, head here. IST pm: Many YouTube creators were unable to view the real-time view count in YouTube Analytics and are still not able to see stats for a certain time period. YouTube is currently working to fix the problem for everyone. Head here for the full story. IST pm: Those who signed up for the free trial of YouTube Premium are struggling to find a way to cancel their subscriptions.

Head here to know more about the problem and a possible way out. The problem has been officially acknowledged and a fix for it is in the works. Read the full story here. IST pm: After troubling users for months, team Youtube has now confirmed that the AS error in channel monetization has now been taken care of.

Head here for more details. However, some say the problem was fixed via a recent update to WhatsApp. Read our full story here. Head here to know more about the problem. Users have been flocking to Twitter to share the news using the GoogleDown hashtag amongst others.

Head here to know more details including a new workaround. The videos keep on buffering and default to p resolution. Check out the full story, which also includes possible workarounds, here. Head over here to check out the full story. The company has begun information affected users of the same.

Check out all the details here. IST pm: Some YouTube channel owners are claiming that they cannot use the community tab even after crossing 1, subs and maintaining them for more than a week. Fortunately, YouTube support has acknowledged the issue and claims that it is looking into it at the moment. This means that affected users can expect to get the community tab feature soon. As a result, there has been a slew of complaints across several forums and subreddits. Read all about it through this link.

Read more about it through this link. IST am: A bunch of PlayStation 4 users reported that they are encountering a black screen upon trying to watch YouTube on the console. Fortunately, YouTube is already working on fixing the issue as per this tweet. IST am: Several Twitter users reported that they were unable to load YouTube previews after copy-pasting a twitter link.

The good news is that the issue got fixed quickly enough. IST am: Several YouTubers reported that they were unable to change endscreen elements on old, already published videos. Again, as it stands, YouTube today fixed the issue. IST pm: A number of issues have surfaced in the recent past, some of which have already been addressed while others await fixes from YouTube.

The story is the same for the issue with switching accounts on Android. If your app version is already Also, logging out and back in usually helps. Let us know how it goes. On the other hand, YouTube users whose videos have mysteriously disappeared from their playlist and those with a borked Watch Later list can expect fixes to these issues in the near future. Source 1 , 2. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Update — the issue about missing videos in playlists has been fixed. IST pm: Several users had been reporting since the past few days about YouTube search option within channel pages being broken. Clicking on it would return nothing. Good news is that it has finally been fixed. But for some reason, the live chat continues to show. The good news is that YouTube is aware of the issue and is working on fixing it as we speak.

IST pm: A few users also reported that they are having trouble connecting via the live chat. This could be related to the above issue. Thankfully, this too is being looked into. Good news is that the issue has already been acknowledged. IST pm: There have been a bunch of recent reports about comments not loading and disappearing immediately after commenting.

YouTube is apparently aware of the issue and is working on a fix already. Thus, if you are on iOS For more details, head here. IST pm: Team YouTube has confirmed that devs are looking into into reports about eligible channels not having their community tab enabled.

Details here.

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YouTube was quick to address the issue on Twitter after it received a lot of complaints. So, why is the watch history not working? Users have revealed that their watch history is not working which left many of them frustrated and confused.

It shows videos from yesterday but not ones I just recently watched a part of. My watch history is not paused either. YouTube Watch History not updating. YouTube has been quick to address the issue after receiving many tweets and complaints from users. In a Twitter post, they said :. We're aware of the issue and currently working on a fix now.

We'll surely update you once this is resolved, thanks for your patience in the meantime!

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Visit the "Current Site Issues" Web page (full link in Resources), click "Other Issues" and then click "The viewcount on my video is frozen around views. What's. YouTube is easily the most popular video-sharing platform in almost every country in the world. IST pm: After reports of comments not working/​showing in the live Again, as it stands, YouTube today fixed the issue. The most important thing to learn about this is that watch time matters more than views. So make sure to align your Youtube strategy to getting.