updating microsoft sync

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Updating microsoft sync

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This includes specific products, classifications, and languages. Typically, the software update point on the central administration site, or on a stand-alone primary site, retrieves the metadata from Microsoft Update. Then, the top-level site will send a synchronization request to other sites. When a site receives the synchronization request from the parent site, the software update point for the site retrieves software updates metadata from its upstream synchronization source.

For more information about software update synchronization process, see Software updates synchronization. You configure software update synchronization to run on a schedule in the properties for the software update point at the top-level site. Once you configure the synchronization schedule, you'll typically not change the schedule as part of normal operations.

However, you can manually initiate software update synchronization when it's necessary. Software update points must be connected to their upstream synchronization source to synchronize software updates. When a software update point is disconnected from its upstream synchronization source, you can use the export and import method to synchronize software updates. For more information, see Synchronize software updates from a disconnected software update point.

When you configure a schedule for software updates synchronization, the top-level software update point starts synchronization with Microsoft Update at the scheduled date and time. The custom schedule allows you to synchronize software updates on a date and time when the demands of the Windows Server Update Services WSUS server, site server, and network are low.

For example, you can set the schedule so that software updates are synchronized every week at AM. During the scheduled synchronization, all changes to the software updates metadata since the last scheduled synchronization are inserted into the site database. This includes new software updates metadata or metadata that has been modified, removed, or is now expired. In the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration , and then click Sites. In the Software Update Point Component Properties dialog box, select Enable synchronization on a schedule , and then specify the synchronization schedule.

You can manually initiate software updates synchronization on the top-level site in the Configuration Manager console from the All Software Updates node in the Software Library workspace. Use the following procedures on the top-level site to manually initiate software updates synchronization. In the Configuration Manager console that is connected to the central administration site or stand-alone primary site, click Software Library.

Click Yes in the dialog box to confirm that you want to initiate the synchronization process. After you initiate the synchronization process on the software update point, you can monitor the synchronization process from the Configuration Manager console for all software update points in your hierarchy. You'll need administrative rights to enable this feature. Restart your computer and repeat steps to access the new Offline Files settings.

Once you've restarted your computer and launched Sync Center again, you'll have three new tabs in your Offline Files settings:. Luis E. Chavez Saenz. Updated on July 31, Tweet Share Email. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know!

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