msn uk homepage not updating

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Msn uk homepage not updating updating ranch style house

Msn uk homepage not updating

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The toolbar at the top is visable and working, just the page is not viewable. Report as Abuse. Was this helpful? For several days the Home screen on my msn. This is on both home computers. Is this something at your end or mine, and how can I fix? Not much color. Some things overlap eachother. All of my items are scrambled on the left side Report as Abuse. Hi, Sorry for theinconvenience, we would like to informyou that we had an outage on our end because of which you were not able to seethe msn home page correctly, but good news is that the issue has been resolvednow and you should be able view the my msn page.

Click the advanced tab, click on reset, click on apply and ok, restart internet explorer Click Tools, and then Internet Option. Under General tab, click on delete and please delete the browsing history, temporary internet files, form data and password Click the Security tab, Click Reset all zones to default level. Click the Privacy tab, select advanced, and please check the boxes 'override automatic cookie handling' and 'Always allow session cookies', click ok Click the content tab, select clear SSL state.

If I want to reply to a message the screen goes blank — later on I see all those trials as drafts. When I want to enter such drafts the screen goes blank again! Trying to log into my hotmail account,directs me to Outlookk express. When I sine in the email page docent load my email. Works fine on my Cell Phone. This been going on for Two Days now. Any help out there? I can get into Outlook on my ipad and my newer Macbook.

On this older macbook I can only get into Outlook using Safari not Firefox. Refreshing the page gives me the same message. I tried on Chrome and on Firefox. Same outcome. Pictures quit displaying weeks ago even though I click show links.

Getting ridiculous. Since last evening we can no longer receive emails, delete emails or even open emails in hotmail account! The format suddenly changed and now nothing works. Could not log in to Hotmail today. It seems to be stuck in some kind of redirecting loop. The problem was easily solved by switching to Firefox for Mac, instead of Safari for Mac.

This might be my first step to completely switch to something else…. If these issues are not solved by the end of this month I have no other options but to close my account and use yahoo. I have not received any bill emails for a number of months now. Please fix the issue!! I can sign in to my hotmail account, but when I try to click to see my emails — it keeps me out.

Very annoying. Yesterday it was keeping me out of my separate outlook account. When I enter the Login, then Password, the screen flips back to the Login, which will not accept any text. Running Hotmail on updated Chrome and Win 7. Also cleared cache.

What to do??? Read that Microsoft launched a new Outlook interface today. Any truth? Another instance of Microsoft letting users find the Bugs! I try to login to my Hotmail account and it always shows enter your password then it looks like someone try to use your details so I even answered Microsoft security questions still outstanding problem any solution up there please???

I tried to pull up hotmail using both internet explorer and google chrome — neither will work! My phone email is working, but I need to use my desktop. Get this fixed NOW. This is ridiculous. I need to use my desktop for printing, ebay, etc and this is not acceptable. Fix it — NOW. I get a circling blue death symbol…………What is going on?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As of Wed night June 12, my Outlook is unreadable gibberish down the left side of my android phone screen.

It is now Thurs with no improvement. I can log into my hotmail on my Galaxy S9 tried on my old S7 as well. On my laptop, it takes forever for the inbox to open up after I log in…I have to refresh the screen a number of times. This all started 2 days ago. Using Outlook and a sky email address I am receiving all emails but unable to send them Server or email address not found.

It has been going for 8 days. Your site says outlook is up and running! Fix the problem now!!!! WTH is going on with outlook this past week????? This is unacceptable!!! Get it fixed! Cannot even reach the log-in page. Trying to load page. My account is linked to my phone. I need access to my account. How to fix? An internal server error occurred. The operation failed. Delete button does not work. Cannot attach files to email to send. NEVER had this problem before.

Come on, Microsoft. Get your s.. Want me to go to gmail. Just get a white page with nothing on it. I have had an outlook account for a while now, I am not one of the ones being transferred From Hotmail. I have had this problem and tried everything for the las 3 days. Please sign out, then sign in to Outlook with the account you use to read your organizations email.

Had this problem for months. The Desktop application was last updated yesterday. Cannot log in from my web browser Edge. Okay look. Everytime I try to send an email the adress book or contacts will not show up It takes forever to delete junk mail or empty folder. What gives?? Get your act toether or I will switch completey. Constant problems, emails disappearing, stupid interface, everytime you try and make it better it gets worse.

I have had hotmail forever and now feel a captive of the horrible outlook. Fire whatever techy is messing with it. Why is this and when will it be sorted. Really need my Email. No access. Sounds like your phone, or other app, is spamming the server with an old password. Delete all email apps, change password, reinstall new apps with new password. On and off here in Canada Ontario. It may be hackers. Log in page does not load.

Any ideas anyone? I can, however access through the Windows 10 app. Got all my emails, was able to reply also. I can access my personal outlook email, but getvthe above message when trying to sign in to our business email. I found this info just by searching google. How to solve? Same in China. Unable to acces my Outlook.

Today is Thursday Nov. When I try to load the page it is an automatic error message??? Every time I click on the button to open a new account, I get a blank page on all of my devices. Is the website down? Is the MSN server for opening new accounts down? I have windows 10 and can get Hotmail by hitting the envelope on the bottom of your page.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Also, when I try to load my toolbar link, it no longer lets me do that, so I have to go directly to MSN every time, and enter the password—the system has just become so unnecessarily cumbersome. Says I need to add my password and then says I must agree to,give them control over my account.

Got a message today saying that it looks like someone else might be using your account. Anyone else having this problem? There is a refresh button, but it just keeps crashing. I am able to login with hotmail. The page loads, left menu and ads of course. I have rebooted also. I checked my friends hotmail on the same computer and it works fully. I checked my hotmail on another computer and it works there.

I have not made any hardware or software changes to this system. The problem started about 48 hours ago. I did a system restore, did not fix the issue. I then messed with the settings in Outlook. I changed the theme and I think that fixed it. It is working again. Every time I try to load login page it says server stopped responding.

This has been going on for days now. So I tried the alternate method and it says it will take 24 hours to resolve the issue… the problem is I need o access my email to access documents that I have stored on it … anybody else having an issue with Hotmail, the damn bot on their support system is not helpful either. No access to hotmail at all, nothing connects from msn or directly. Is as though the server dropped off the face of the earth and only a black hole exists where all querys go to spin their wheels endlessly.

There is no problem with my internet connection. Ironically, to post this message here, I needed to sign up to Disqus and verify the email that was sent to my hotmail account. At least it is still working on my phone. The only thing I can think to do is to send important emails to my gmail account to view them.

I have always had this email address as my primary address, but over the last 3 or 4 years hotmail has been causing me problems with emails that never arrive to my account — not even to the junk folder. Sometimes these are very important emails, and worth considering a move to another email provider, and dropping Hotmail altogether.

I cannot access my Hotmail account. Not since last night. Trying to redirect it and the linked cell phone and additional email will not work either. I can open my Hotmail from my phone but not my computer. I need to be able to open from my computer so that I can print.

Even tried using different browser! So frustrating! Drop hotmail. I still cannot sign in after 4 years! I just tried to get help to log on my Hotmail live account and the site want to charge me 5. I thought it was a scam site. Has anyone found out why we cant get on hot mail or what is going on? I am having the exact same problem — was yours resolved? Hi, I have a problem replying to any email I send. One foul up after another.

Screw you Microsoft! Guess I will migrate to google fully IF I ever get my damn email open again! I guess now is the time to go thru the hassle of notifying all my contacts a make the switch to Gmail. I effin HATE hotmail! Why am I still using it? Same thing here, has been like this for days. I have both Hotmail and Outlook email accounts, yet when I attempt to log into Hotmail, Outlook pops up.

Is this going to be permanent? Will I be able to recover my Hotmail account? Outlook Account login problem? Password Recovery. My computer is down so I can only access anything on my phone and on my tablet. I get to the part where you have to have a code sent to an alternate email or through text or phone call. It has my number ending in 43 when it ends in I have not changed my phone number. It was already giving me trouble on Wednesday and forced me to have to reset my password which has always been the same for my computer and email for years and I know it is the right one.

So I had to go to the irritating process of resetting my password and I reset it to the one that it already was. I had to try it over and over and over again just to get the new password to work and let me in. I really rather talk to a person if possible. Getting very angry. Any problems with Hotmail, you can try to Tweet official accounts for a response or just hold on tight until an outage is resolved.

Looks like a new outage or they have been hacked. Any updates on this??? This started happening 10th May but I can open earlier emails as normal. Whats up with this. Very aggravating. The blighters simply cannot leave well enough alone. The USA is plagued with a profit at all costs mindset and it is an infection as bad as any virus. Can do so using Chrome. Problem started today.

Any advice?? I can not access my emails, send or view anything on my apple phone. This started about 3pm EST. Get this fixed please! Works on ipad and mobile….. It can only be discarded. Make sure you copy the contents of the message before you discard if you want to use them later. Thank God I can see them on my Iphone. Tampa, FL. But usually it just opens the page and then nothing is functional. However, I have no problem on my desktop.

Am having the same trouble as everyone below! Sooooo frustrating. Does anyone know that? It accepts my password and after a few seconds screen goes dark, Ten attempts. Can access on laptop. My account freezes all the time as well on my desktop and laptop.

What is going on with this and when does this get fixed. Nor can forward or reply to anything. And everything continues to freeze-up on me, making it impossible to navigate anywhere. This is extremely frustrating!

How about a direct notice to our accounts or to the media? Hotmail through my Android app works fine. But logging in through the web, it is frozen half of the time the past two days. I am in Michigan. Everyone else still having problems? Any resolutions out there? I cannot send emails and now not receiving emails. What the hell is going on!

I can log in to my email account, but cannot open unread mail, delete any items or open any other folders besides inbox, like Outlook is frozen. Anyone know what is going on? My Hotmail on my desktop is not working, i.. All of these procedures work fine on my gmail account. Soo annoying. Hotmail has been down, for me, all week. Also cruise itinerary, etc. I do hope this is going to be resolved, whatever it is. The whole thing looks a mess and I cannot understand it at all.

Will be looking around for alternatives in case they cannot get it back how it was. Hotmail open but I can do nothing with message or even look at them, create one, send one. Something went wrong. Something went wrong problem. These greedy people cannot leave this free service alone.

Click here to sign out. Now it is a blank white screen, nothing more. This has been going on for a month or so for me. When I try to log in it gives an error and says something went wrong or the page has permanently been removed.

Opened hotmail on my phone and only had messages dating back to last Thursday. Refreshed and it pulled the latest messages down. I have been having problems with my hot mail for about a month now. Will I be moved to Outlook automatically and could that be my problem. Think of changing to gmail as my husband never has any problems.

Yes, it started last night for me. Then sign-in link page never finishes loading. This is the upgrade they have been promising? Ha, ha, ha. I have bin having Hotmail issues for 5 weeks, slow, resetting, loosing mail. I was happy when it was plane jane. My mobile email for hotmail is fine. When will this be corrected?! Everytime i send a new email, i have to refresh the page to do anything else after. It will just spin for ever and claim its still sending my previous email.

It is also unrealistically slow at anytime now. These issues have been for the last year or so, has any one else had this problem? My mail opens automatically on my laptop, but I am unable to open any mail, or switch between the different mail tabs. But I am however able to access my mail on my android phone.

I live in South Africa. Can anyone tell me how to fix this because I really need it. Thanks in advance. I have been unable to log in to my Hotmail account on my main computer for 2 days. I can get in via my Android phone. Any information gratefully received. Today, on I have to show, I am an adult, or let my parents identify me…. I choose the question: I am an adult, why I got this? Then I had to enter my birthday, then I should give my Creditcard details… What it is?

Cant connect to my hotmail after unmerge it from outlook, remove alias and cant log in, said there is no such account.. I have big trouble because of my emails from and for work , what is going on? Email Sign In Problem. Password Recover. I sure hope this never happens again. This really screwed me over last night and I lost a day of pay for it today too. Cant live without my email when your looking for a better job and you home life depends on your ability to prove your efforts to find one.

I got mine cleared up 13 hours later by requesting by phone a code to reset my password. Dont know if that will work for you. It seems to be limited. I have an old address. Does anyone know? OK, I went to the Microsoft home page, went to the bottom and clicked help. I am unable to log into hotmail it says my account settings are out of date with error code oxe but when i try fixing it it says something went wrong — how do i solve this issue.

Here is the message I am getting when trying to log in. I checked this morning, after being unable to login last night, Outlook now works. Cause all sorts of drama in my real life. I am unable to log into my Hotmail account from a desk top computer.

I am not having any issues logging in with my iphone. It keeps giving me a message that an error has occurred and I can log out and try again which does not help. What is the issue??? All other accounts are connecting fine as usual. Same account works from ipad. My Mobil devises get a quick on off repeatedly so that I cannot read my mail.

Blinking on off to make your eyes go blind! Been doing this for over a week. I wonder if anyone knows what is going on. This is unacceptable. I have been patient enough with this dinosaur over the years. Enough is enough. This started a few hours ago. Same as everyone else… I can log into a different outlook email, but my main outlook email is not able to log in…. I am trying to log in from Thailand since this morning without success. Seem many around the world got similar problems.

Hope someone is fixing! Update: I waited for about 30 minutes and chatted with an actual Microsoft person. Said hours or so, but who knows…. This just started a few hours ago. I do not have an Outlook account so until this problem is fixed I am locked out of my business emails. Get with it Microsoft and get this fixed! Please fix this technical issue quickly Microsoft!! Wow everyone else is having the same issues as me. Also, my last email was dated March 27, so I suspect this problem has been going on for a few days.

I really need to get back in! KSA, Hotmail is down.. I too am happy I was not the only one having this issue. Had to miss a day of work and missed out on two job applications deadlines due to this crap. I have two Hotmail accounts. Both personal. One is working, the other has just stopped working this afternoon in NZ.

It has all my important emails on it that as of now I cant access!!!! Hotmail down. From Singapore. I kept changing the password until realizing that the server could be down. In the midst of applying for a job. Seriously Microsoft, some people such as myself have important emails to get and now I am reading the comments that this might never be fixed???? I will never trust hotmail again. I could see a couple of hours..

Exact same here for the past couple hours. I have the same probme here in nz same messages would like to know how long before back up and runninging. Well I just they fix it and so. It scares me ot think that i might be able to access my hotmail account ever again. This is the message I get Something went wrong. We both have the older layout. To be honest, I get the feeling this and ant going to be fixed..

How annoying. I messaged one of them but no response… wanted to see if it had been fixed for them since their post was so long ago. Weird, then I guess the older version has nothing to do. The service I am trying to get into is my personal outlook live and hotmail accounts. Is everyone else seeing the same references to an organization or OrgId I am assuming this means organization ID? Could my email have been hijacked and is now associated to a nefarious organization of some sort?

Down and how to fix? The new one has three panels. Folder, e-mails and the message itself when you click on the e-mail. Same here. My husband uses the newest layout but I use the older one. I am in South Korea. I am going to try to get their email address so, I can send an email from my google account.

Hi, who did you speak to? Trying to find a number to call. Their virtual agent is useless. I went on their web site. I think will send them an email from my google account because, that person was no help either. And I point my finger at the whole tech community. But tech workers are hardwired to bel wove that things always need to change.

Same crappy message the rest of you are getting. Like the last person said, I had email this morning but now error error error!! Early today I was able to check my email just fine. Then suddenly tonight BAM nadda, I am getting the same error messages most of you are getting when trying to sign in. First I received ads in my inbox; tech support chat said I would have to upgrade to a premium subscription to avoid ads never going to happen. In Thailand. I keep getting this message.

I was able to scroll through the emails on ipad, but could not forward them, etc. I opted out of the beta version. The pain seems to last during the transition period with nothing that can be done, but wait. Tweak things, experiment, alter things even though things were fine. PC user only here, deteriorating fast, but not giving up. Over and over, this morning, and this afternoon. Me too. I am doing the same thing. Hotmail Mail Login Issue. I use a Chromebook to access outlook and my msn email account.

There were much fewer of these errors previously, but now for the past few days it is worse. Have not received emails for a couple of days, which was odd. Tried sending one to myself and to another hotmail account. Has Stephen Hawking taken them into a Black Hole? I have hotmail address if that makes any difference. Absolutely frustrating. Continual problems -not allowing me to read or send emails. Logging out out,cancelling or stopping helps nought.

Three days I have not been able to get into my email. Three days. And this has been happening more and more often. It seems that before the updates, this never happened. Account Recovery. I receive but cannot send emails very frustrating and no one seems to be able to give some decent advise……. What is particularly bad is trying to compose an email or reply to one. I type a few letters or a sentence and then wait, wait, wait for the letters to appear.

This is so frustrating since I use it for most of my business dealings. Really, what the heck is going on? THis seems to be happening regularly. US, west coast here. Stuck in a loop. However, works fine on phone. This a bigger problem going on. Must be faxed. Land lines are secure. Just saying…. IPS keep playing games. Pretty obvious to us blind lab rats. It is not. A couple of new messages came on my phone this morning, but disappeared after a few seconds.

Nothing on my PC…. Are they all asleep??? Are you reading all about the problems listed here??? Whats going on Microsoft, No explanation, no solution. Same problem as others are reporting. It will not load, keeps circling. I am in USA in the state of Oregon. I can login in but then Hotmail keeps reloading over and over, so I am unable to check any emails. I live in Canada.

I started having issues with loading my hotmail emails. So frustrating. I need to work, check emails and reply to them. I have deadlines to meet. My inbox keeps reloading, lost some emails 1 was a gift!!!! What am I suppose to do??????? Why is happening??? I made a comment earlier about me thinking it was because of my anti-establishment views I was not able to get the hyperlinks to work. Can we? It disappeared! I saw the suggested fix for broken hyperlinks which was to open the email in a new window.

This does work, but it is Very. Will microsoft imagine a way to fix this? Hyperlinks are broken; when I click on links, it takes me back to my incoming mail screen. Clicking to view the full text of a message — either one that I wrote, or another person in the thread sent, just takes me back to the main page of my email. I keep having to refresh in order to click on links and actually get them.

I thought it was because of my politics. Been having this same issue for a few weeks! I thought it was a problem with my computer, but when I checked my email on a different computer the same thing happened. I got sent back to the inbox screen. I contacted hotmail, but I have not heard back. I have the exact same issue. Every time they roll out new changes, the system gets full of bugs.

Really annoying. Everytime i visit the page regardless of what i try and do it just says error in 2 different browsers. So far, the rest of the operations are okay. Every time when I open an email and I left click on a link in the email it reverts back to my email list! So am I and so is another person in my household on a different computer. I can sign in on my computer but not my new phone. It is insisting on a stupidly long and messy password on the phone, but accepts my password on the computer.

I have tried renewing my password. Please not Microsoft cell phone backs everything… I can see any of my contacts, photos and any text sent… whats going on will this be resolved? Outlook is an epic fail. I am not able to sign in to my hotmail account despite password changes…. Can c my outlook account info sometimes but mailbox not opening. I cannot log into my Windows 10 account as it is linked to my hotmail account and every time I try to change the password it says there is an error, it has even logged me out on the iphone outlook app.

Not been able to access e-mail going on 3 weeks now! I have emailed messages with NO response! Ive been unable to reply to emails since december, everytime i click reply it keeps telling me its loading messages but nothing happens. If ive got the persons email address i gave to open a completely new email which is a complete pain.

Outlook will not load on my laptop but works on my tablet. This started on the afternoon of 10 Jan and is still the same. My e-mail is [email protected]. I can see my list of emails but when I click on one to open it, the page just goes blank. This has been since yesterday evening. Any suggestions please? My email address has not worked since December! It just gets pinged back to the sender. I used another account to do this and explained the issue but they never bothered to get back to me.

My hotmail is not working since dec my email address is [email protected]. Microsoft tech support useless. Not received email since 14 th Dec. Had this hotmail account for yrs and is still y primary email account. This has been going on for at least 2 weeks. Northeast PA. I eventually get into my Outlook mailbox, but sometimes it takes hours, and multiple attempts.

Why do I have to keep signing in anyway? This is my home computer. Same problem here in Malta. I opened New Incognito Window and opened it from there with no problems. Any help would be appreciated as this has been going on for a few days. I have problems with Outlook email. I am receiving some, but for 2 days, I cannot send any replies or new emails.

My account is an old UK one hotmail. Okay, so… spoke to someone from Outlook Support. Here is what I was told and this did work for me :. Currently, we have been receiving reports about the same issue as yours. May I ask, are you using Google Chrome browser? If yes, do you happen to have an Adblocker extension in your Google Chrome? Because this is the main reason why this is happening. Launch Google Chrome browser.

This should do the trick. After updating the Adblock, relaunch the Chrome browser and sign in to outlook and try to compose a new email to see the result. It worked immediately for me. If anyone is still having trouble, I hope this helps. No luck with Beta for me in finding recent drafts that I can find on tablet and mobile.

Seems I can send new emails again. What a crock. Thanks yes I did that with no luck. I managed to send on draft that shows on tablet to myself in Hotmail and that appeared in my Inbox up so could complete my task. All a bit strange. God I wish MS or Google would cop on and give some international feedback on an issue that must be frustrating to thousands. Blank page. Just as many of you have stated. Started yesterday, the 25th.

Let us hope Chrome gets this handled soon! In the meantime, Happy New year everyone. Important to play with all the silly settings though to keep it looking simple. At least it works. Problems sending email in Australia this morning as well. Just blank page. Still seem to be receiving emails but cant reply or bring up new page to send. Is this a Chrome issue? On my Windows window inside of Mac I can. Cannot send, forward or reply to emails. This problem occurs with the Chrome browser, however works with Microsoft Edge browser?

Problem started Dec, 25, Firefox OK, Chrome blank pages when you want to reply to an email, but it is put in concepts immedeately….? Is there any fix to this???? Blank screen when when clicking on New or trying to forward. Did get one message come through. Yep, I have no problem getting mail. I reloaded Chrome, re-did all settings, deleted old cookies.. It works fine in Explorer.

I have same problem. However, I logged in on Explorer and it works fine. Started a few hours ago. Just switched to Safari and all is ok.

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Click Download and install the numerous verified dating login and do a. In the Installation option page. If the issue persists after actually up to date. Restart the computer and reset latest MSN software. I am 83 years old after a new start up, I receive the notice "MSN. The next page after will "Yes, I'm currently connected to MSN service agreement. You may be prompted to prompt you to accept the. Enter your primary "MSN e-mail which might have caused the. Communication enhancements including better anti-spam the installation, type your name in the blank field exactly as it appears, then select "I Accept. Within 3 - 5 keystrokes, information you want with the to part 3 3.

After a lot of updates yesterday, my MSN UK homepage does not display properly on either the XP/ie8 comuter or the win 7 ie9 computer. › thread. The toolbar at the top is visable and working, just the page is not viewable. For several days the Home screen on my is a scramble like, looking like.