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It will take a forward-looking perspective, focussing on issues such as digitalization, trust, the role of government and business in improving well-being, among many other topics… more. The aim of this conference is to convene leading stakeholders from around the world to collectively identify and debate how best to harness the power of CRVS systems to meet global commitments to the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Hosted by the UN Statistics Division , the objective of this meeting is to review best practices and to discuss and showcase possible solutions and to identify ways forward for their implementation. In addition, the meeting will produce recommendations and guidelines for basic requisites of national data platforms suitable to SDG follow-up and reporting.

The event will bring together representatives from national statistical offices, international and regional organizations with programs or initiatives that support data platforms in countries, as well as donors and other providers of data platform solutions. Representatives of statistical offices will be both from countries where solutions are already implemented and can be shared with others, and from countries where no SDG data reporting platform has been established yet.

A total of participants are expected, including SDG focal points and data managers… more. Skip to content. It covers what documentation eligible entities will need to apply for an SVOG, insight on w February 22, in Announcements. Updated PPP information, including forms, guidance, and resources is available at www. Orders are taken through www. Some sleds are also available for prompt shipping.

Exciting milestones of business ownership include that in less than three months, Kicks July 20, in Announcements. Investors, ent Tags: Anchorage , Financials. August 1, in Articles. July 29, in Announcements. Skip to content January 13, in Announcements


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