updating dell bios

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Updating dell bios

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I get this error regardless of providing UNC to the installer. I've verified the file path in my CaptureTool path and it checks out. Is there a way to verify that the desktop is not locked before running the task sequence? My fear is that users have documents opened and then the BIOS update hits which restarts the computer.

I have a global condition that I use for application deployment but can't figure out how to use it in a task sequence. The global condition is a PowerShell script "[bool] Get-Process logonui -ea 0 " with value False meaning desktop is not locked. I know this a pretty old post but I'm hoping I can find some help. My issue is that I can't get the config file to apply to my workstations.

The BIOS update works just fine but the config file never gets applied. Also the log for cctk. I've checked and triple checked. Not sure what I'm missing. Please help! Add the flash step to each group according to the model, this makes sure that each group of tasks will only run if they match the WMI queries, rather than just the ONE step.

We will have it complete the reboot at the end. Copy and paste this set task sequence variable to each group for the models after the flash bios setup. At the end of your task sequences, after Apply BIOS configuration, create a new group and name it "If reboot required". In the reboot required group, add a general step to restart the computer.

I read that it is advised to control reboots using the task sequence rather than command lines. I set the restart step to be performed after the apply configuration just so it sets everything and reboots, which seems like a good practice for something like BIOS configuration. Once the numerical BIOS versions hit 1. Thank you for your reply but I just use another setup and it's also working fine.

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Author Recent Posts. Alex Pazik. Latest posts by Alex Pazik see all. BIOS repository. Dell Command Configure Toolkit. My configuration. CCTK folder structure. Dell Command Configure Toolkit package. All BIOS revision packages. Create task sequence wizard. Install HAPI driver properties. Install HAPI driver options. Clear BIOS password properties. Clear BIOS password options. Lockdown BIOS all systems properties. Lockdown BIOS all systems options. Set BIOS password properties.

Set BIOS password options. Run at PM. Install HAPI driver action. Lockdown BIOS all systems. Email Address. Mailing List. CCTK log. Anthony 3 years ago. Hi Dario, Which point of the Task Sequence does the error occur? Does it get past the HAPI install? Dario Rank: Newbie 3 years ago.

Yes I am checking every single log at the moment. This is one of them Hi Dario, Sorry for delay, but I've been busy with some other stuff. I noticed in your command above that it does not include creating the log file. If this doesn't help, then I'll have to leave it for others to comment, as I'm out of ideas.

Carlton 3 years ago. David 3 years ago. John 3 years ago. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do from here? Greg 3 years ago. Stuart 2 years ago. This info helped me with correcting the commands for setting the admin password. Jeremy Block 2 years ago. If you are willing to help, comment and I'll send you logs and screenshots directly Thanks!!! Itsarapong 1 year ago. Hi Alex, I just try your method.

It does successfully update the BIOS. However the task sequence deployment still report this as failed. When you turn on your computer, the BIOS activates the hardware and enables the interaction of the operating system and the hardware and hardware. The BIOS stores the information about your boot devices, boot sequence whether you are booting from the harddrive, network or flash drive. Why dou need to update your BIOS? Unlike other software the BIOS update is not automatic.

You have to update it manually. You first need to check which version of the BIOS your computer is running, in that way you can see if there is a newer version available for your model. If you are using windows 10, you can easily get the BIOS version. Type msinfo32 in search then the enter or return key. Windows will bring up the system information and your BIOS information and version will be shown as on the screen shot below. If you are using windows 8 or 8.

Alternatively press the windows key on your keyboard and R you should get the run box. Then type msinfo32 and press the return or enter key and the system information window will pop up. This will also work on any windows computer. The next thing you will need to update the BIOS is download the firmware.

You will download from the dell website. I recommend downloading from the manufacturers website which is the safe way. If you have battery issues check the the how to update BIOS without battery section towards the end of the article. Now that we have the firmware the rest is easy.

Double click the executable file. It will open a window with details about the new BIOS firmware you downloaded.


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