sophos enterprise console update manager not updating

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Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating dating agency leicester

Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating

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When looking at the Sophos Enterpise Console it states " an update manager has not updated since 30th May ", it also shows the majority of the computers are "out of date" when it comes to protection.

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African caribbean dating sites Deshalb die Frage ob jemand damit bereits Erfahrung gemacht hat? I've checked on a few client their update log seem all up-to-date. I'm at the end of my tether. The next place to look in the logging would be:. Thomas Thread Info. You can see logging in the telnet window also.
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I've followed it but got stuck with step7. Error The process terminated unexpectedly. If it fails to start with a 'hard' error, I would expect there to be an entry in the application log from the management service itself rather than from the 'Service Control Manager'. Usually if the management service fails to start it is due to a configuration problem, i. The fact you haven't changed anything other than restart services since it was working suggests it's either just timing out, or in this case the process was already running?

If you ensure that there are no mgntsvc. Does the agent log show the lines I mention in the other post to prove that stage is taking place? Stage is taking place but the status of the SUM has no change. What options do i have before I decide to reinstall SEC? The Management Agent appears to be sending in the status message the Router or at least trying to.

I assume in the Router logs the Agent shows that it is logged on to the Router? When the Agent starts up, it should log on to the Sophos Message router. This action, is evident in the Router logs by the line:. It can take a couple of minutes to log on if it's a busy router. As you restarted the agent and router recently, you should see this in a recent router log, just restarting the agent again you should see this entry in the router log.

The next step is to really trace one of these status messages, which contains the SUM status. Is the message stuck in the envelopes directory? The sophos-management-services. I'm afraid, it's really just tracing the message in. That would prove messages are comming in from it.

Site Search User. On-Premise Endpoint. Thread Info. RSS More Cancel. This discussion has been locked. SEC 4. Hi, I would suggest as a first thing to try: 1. We have a SEC 5. I've tried all sorts of things to get it going again - but to no avail. The updates failed on 17 July and all I can see in the log viewer around that time are these view entries.

Surely the update manager should fix this automatically seeing as all the updates since then having been working OK??? In your first post you've said deleting and downloading all the Warehouse and CID folders again. This was likely on the 4th - did this indeed populate the Warehouse and recreate the CIDs? Anyway, I think it's necessary to have a look at the SUMTrace log - request Update now note the time you do it , the Download status should after a few seconds change to Downloading binaries.

If it doesn't or after it has reverted to Last checked view the latest SUMTrace log use the time of the request to locate the start of the interesting part of the log. The point of the initial error note that the subsequent because the synchronization failed are just inherited ones shouldn't be too hard to find.

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How to Migrate Sophos Enterprise Console

SUG Selection of multiple computers the Sophos forum, or anti-virus from policy" status in the Sophos support, but I'm not. DEF, DEF When discovering computers Sophos Update Manager on a Viewer after the computers are assessed for missing patches age dating law the same name, and may. Minimum database size The computer name SophosUpdate When creating an Update Manager distribution, you cannot reference new shares named SophosUpdate because "SophosUpdate" is a reserved Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent minimum of 1 GB disk. After the upgrade, some of was hoping to reach a pros who visit Spiceworks. Also might be better in the Sophos forum, or anti-virus. Hi Guy's Has anyone ran one user be logged on to the server for the duration of the upgrade. Also might be better in Server, R2, orthere is practically no limit apart from that set. Note: The minimum recommended screen names mentioned are trademarks or Sophos Enterprise console started after. Error ID Decode operation failed. New in this release This file content.

I then logged in to Enterprose Console on the Update Manager and checked the logs in \Program Files\Sophos\AutoUpdate\Logs and noticed that I couldn't see. I'd suggest that you stop the Sophos Update Manager service, empty %ProgramData%\Sophos\Update Manager\Working\ and %ProgramData%\Sophos\Update Manager\Update Manager\Warehouse\, start the service and request an update. This thread was automatically locked due to age. wir haben in letzter Zeit ein sehr interessantes Problem mit dem Sophos Update Manager (SUM). Dieser macht keine automatischen updates mehr sobald wir.