updating navigation system in toyota

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Updating navigation system in toyota microsoft money not updating prices

Updating navigation system in toyota

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The coverage of a Map Update is updated and reviewed continuously. To compare your current map with a latest map update, click on 'more'. You have reached the European Toyota map updates website. On this website you can find information on the coverage and how to update your current navigation system. Other regions: Please visit your local authorized dealer. In case your car is not a European spec car but you would like to purchase European cards, please ask your dealer or try to find your update on the regional website as indicated above.

Warning A new law is prohibiting the speed camera notifications on your navigation system whilst driving in France. Update My Maps Access to the most current maps will allow you to use your navigation system more conveniently and accurately. To be sure your Toyota Yaris always has the latest updates, use the Map Update Toolbox to view and download available updates and content, including complimentary map updates for three years, commencing when the vehicle has traveled 63 miles with the SD card inserted.

How To Update My Maps. Once downloaded, open the file and follow instructions. Run the installer program as you would for any other software. You will be prompted to create a backup of the SD card contents. Should your SD card become corrupted during the map update process, you will need the backup to restore your information. Sign in using your username and password. A button will appear on the left side menu.


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