accommodating exceptionally able students

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Accommodating exceptionally able students dating photo personals

Accommodating exceptionally able students

What a great way for students to set goals and create natural check-in points. Gifted students can have a huge case of FOMO: fear of missing out. They understand that decisions have consequences, and sometimes they need to be given an inordinate amount of details about their options. Allow for the gifted student to fully understand the pros and cons of a decision. Gifted students are processing a lot in their minds. Be patient and give them the time to reflect on what they need to come to a consensus they can live with.

My gifted students walk into class with exploding folders and binders. They keep everything because there is a fear of being unprepared. Or at least model how you organize life. I show students how I use notes to organize things , how Google Calendar is my lifeline, and what I do for physical notes.

I have used planners in the past and show those examples as well. We also review different apps that could be helpful. I urge students to find what works for them. No system is not an answer. We all need a system to help us be productive. When I taught younger students, we would all try different systems together as our end-of-the-day procedure. Offer gifted students a hobby that can help calm their busy minds. Teach them how to Zentangle , breathe, meditate, make friendship bracelets, knit, color—anything that allows for them to focus carefully on details can help them quiet some of the extra noise.

Provide exposure to as much as possible. TED talks are one way to help students think about different topics. TED even has created teaching enhancements. I heart TED. Reading, watching or listening to the lives of others can help gifted students develop a plan of action and see what others did to accomplish goals.

It is true, so many gifted students have found a book that becomes so much a part of them, they can discuss it at length. Bibliotherapy is a great way for students to experience how to deal with issues and learn tactics and strategies.

For the love of anything that is holy, this should probably be no. Research states that most gifted students do not learn new information until January. Let gifted students pursue their interests. If they want to let everything be about dinosaurs, more power to them! We need paleontologists. As mentioned in Outliers , it takes over 10, hours to be an expert.

To get that many hours on a time card, students have to be allowed to focus. Gifted students need mentors within their interest areas. Mentors can teach students how to navigate through professions and can even be gatekeepers to additional opportunities. Allow students to practice like the professionals.

Use the same processes that professionals use. Looking to try fashion designing? Have students actually sew, measure, use patterns and do the alterations. The work students create should have a real audience and be appreciated by those who authentically would benefit from its completion. Younger students are a great first authentic audience. These are a great way to curate the knowledge you want your students to gain. You can find webinars on just about any topic that interests your students.

If you sign up at Edtech , they will send weekly lists of upcoming professional webinars. Inventions are a great way for students to take risks and try different things. I feel like students are more apt to take risks when they are creating something new. Student Inventions for a Better America challenges students to submit an invention that will make the world a better place … and there are winners every month. I love The Mind Research Institute , which challenges students in grades K—12 to design their own mathematical game.

Do you live in the middle of nowhere? Me too! But I was surprised to learn there were still a TON of events happening on the weekends. If you are in the urban areas, you are rich in opportunities. Look to local libraries, museums or universities. Some of my closest childhood friendships started at summer camp.

These times allowed for encouragement and allowed kids to be nurtured in an environment where trying something new was the goal. Summer camp allowed me to be myself and try new things. We need to do good with the gifts and talents we have been given. Give gifted students the opportunity to solve local problems and see the need for change in their own community.

What do friends all have in common? We are attracted to those who think similarly and those who challenge our beliefs. Book clubs make for a great space for likeminded students to come together to discuss a common theme … in this case a book, which serves as a great discussion starter. How many of you hated a certain book in high school only to read it as an adult and see how wrong you were? The moment we lost choice of what to read in this case , we also lost joy.

Allowing gifted students to have choice in the classroom allows them to feel empowered and engaged. Choices do not need to be huge either, small choices are just as important. No one wants to only be the big fish in a small pond. We want to be around people who will make us better and want to achieve more.

Allow your gifted student to be challenged by participating in academic competitions such as National History Day. Your students will see what true competition is. This is one of the best ways to develop critical thinking. Show a picture of clouds … what do you see? This type of activity develops fluency, elabora tion, originality and abstract thinking, which are all integral parts of being a creative thinker. There are so many wonderful resources embedded within—contests, lyric labs, lyric notes, connections to primary sources, teacher plans, corresponding handouts, questioning and so much more!

This will quickly become your favorite teaching resource. It was gory and totally different. Parents can be powerful partners, and they are often vocal advocates. Sometimes parents have insights that can help teachers. For instance, gifted children may seem focused in class but come home and tell parents they are bored, French says. She suggests sharing pre-assessments and lesson extensions with parents. When Payne meets with parents, she tells them they are like bookends and the student is the book.

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Gifted kids can be a joy to teach when you know how to identify what engages them.

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Updating records Popular Posts. However, other educators add that the interests of gifted learners are often intense and urgent, and they are often socially out of sync with their peers. Legal Issues Related to Educating the Gifted The education of the gifted student is guided by both Federal and state legislation. As you are reading, think about experiences you had when you were in school, and how they might relate to your answers to the orienting questions listed above. However, not all gifted students are merely bored with the content.
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Offer the Most Difficult First. "Gifted students don't need to do 25 problems in math when they can do the five most difficult first to demonstrate mastery," says Brulles. Pre-Test for Volunteers. Prepare to Take It Up. Speak to Student Interests. Enable Gifted Students to Work Together. Plan for Tiered Learning. lenge of accommodating the gifted student in the regular classroom. Gifted learners are oftentimes overlooked in classroom instruction. Consequently, some​. Learn how gifted students think. Created tiered assignments for students. Include a variety of levels in your classroom library. Utilize their talents and interests. Explore real-word application. Additional Resources.