validating xml against xsd java

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Validating xml against xsd java

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Here's how to do it using Xerces2. A tutorial for this, here req. Original attribution: blatantly copied from here :. Since this is a popular question, I will point out that java can also validate against "referred to" xsd's, for instance if the. The other answers work here as well, because the. But sometimes it's convenient to be able to have a custom resolver From the javadocs: "If you create a schema without specifying a URL, file, or source, then the Java language creates one that looks in the document being validated to find the schema it should use.

For example:". The problem with this approach is that the xmlsns:xsi is probably a network location, so it'll by default go out and hit the network with each and every validation, not always optimal. Here's an example that validates an XML file against any XSD's it references even if it has to pull them from the network :.

You can avoid pulling referenced XSD's from the network, even though the xml files reference url's, by specifying the xsd manually see some other answers here or by using an "XML catalog" style resolver. Spring apparently also can intercept the URL requests to serve local files for validations. Or you can set your own via setResourceResolver , ex:. See also here for another tutorial. Using Java 7 you can follow the documentation provided in package description. I found this very usefull.

One more answer: since you said you need to validate files you are generating writing , you might want to validate content while you are writing, instead of first writing, then reading back for validation. Alternatively if you use Stax for writing content or a library that uses or can use stax , Woodstox can also directly support validation when using XMLStreamWriter. Here's a blog entry showing how that is done:. You can then use these objects to build an XML document based on this schema.

It has built-in support for schema validation, and can convert Java objects to an XML document and vice-versa. Be fore warned though, it is a heavy weight solution. As for a tool to do this for you, XMLFox seems to be a decent freeware solution, but not having used it personally I can't say for sure.

I found it to be very confusing and weird. The help instructions didn't seem to match the interface. The drawback: the validation capability is not in the free version, so I had to use the 30 day trial. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 12 years, 7 months ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed k times. ScanQR 3, 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. Jeff Jeff 3, 3 3 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. XMLConstants; import javax. Source; import javax. StreamSource; import javax. URL; import org. McDowell McDowell k 29 29 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

How do i tell which parser you are using as i cant see a reference to either. How do i use an ErrorHandler with the above? Is is a case of just creating the ErrorHandler and associating it with the validator? SetErrorHandler as in the example in this SO question stackoverflow. Shouldn't execptions just be used for execptional situations and not for control flow? Won't this code only catch fatal errors? If you want to be able to catch non-fatals such as non-structural ones I think you will need to use an ErrorHandler.

Show 3 more comments. Original attribution: blatantly copied from here : import org. DOMParser; import java. File; import org. Kishawy 4, 10 10 gold badges 42 42 silver badges 72 72 bronze badges. In this answer you are going further and getting a Parser object, which is not needed, right?

Doesn't work for me, method resolveResource isn't called unless its set on schemaFactory, any idea? Dunno, works for me. Make sure you're setting it via setResourceResolver but beyond that, maybe open new question Resurrecting an old post, I think it should read xsi:schemaLocation instead of xsi:SchemaLocation - case matters.

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A well-formed XML document should have correct syntax and should follow the below rules:.

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Speed dating wilmington de Won't this code only catch fatal errors? Note - When the application specifies the schema s to use, it overrides any schema declarations in the document. Original attribution: blatantly copied from here : import org. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Original attribution: blatantly copied from here :. Close Log In. All elements must be nested properly.
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I mean is there a standard combined validation with two pass? In the first pass is the decoding of Datamatrix content 2nd pass: is a schema validation. This validation works fine field by field in top down approach like field1 comes first and field2 next,if both fields are invalid as per XSD then error will be thrown for only field1. I really appreciate if u can share how to validate whole XML against XSD in one shot so that all the errors will be thrown in a single response.

I am having a situation where I will get some data from a Stream at run time and I need to convert it into XML by performing some general validations. I am not having any xsd ot xslt. How to create the xsd in the first place. Any tools or Eclipse menu option available to create the xsd from xml? Hi plese provide the code for the same above mentioned but not single its multiple xsd. So please give the code.

And one xsd is included in other xsd and so on. So I want to validate this xml file against the multiple schemas. With above mentioned link still i am not able to get all exception, It is throwing only single exception, Can you please let me know.. It is very urgent.. In my xml i have Enums, and if i delete all still it throws only single exception, not for all enums, can any body know the solutions.

Your email address will not be published. I would love to connect with you personally. Pankaj I love Open Source technologies and writing about my experience about them is my passion. Follow Author. Comments afsarnamak says:. October 23, at pm. Goutam Bhattacharya says:. November 21, at am. October 19, at am. Sai says:. May 11, at pm. February 23, at pm. S says:. August 29, at am. September 24, at pm. Himanshu says:. August 27, at am. MAI says:. June 29, at am. Suresh says:.

May 15, at pm. I need to validate an XML against a local XSD and I do not have a internet connection on the target machine on which this process runs. The code look like below :. Agreed with Mads' comment - there are likely many references here that will attempt outgoing connections to the Internet, and you will need to download local copies for them. However, I'd advise against changing references within the XML or schema files, etc. However, in your case, since you're using a Validator instead of Validator.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Asked 9 years, 8 months ago. Active 9 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 1k times. ConnectException when validate is called. Can you please let me know what is not being done correctly?

Many Thanks. Abhishek Abhishek 11 2 2 bronze badges. It would be helpful to see the XML and Schema. You likely have a reference to an external location for your schema fragments, DTD, etc. You will need to find them, download local copies, and change the reference to local system paths.


If a prefix is defined for the tax namespace, and another prefix defined for the hiring namespace, then the personnel data could include segments like the following. The contents of the tax:form element would obviously be different from the contents of the hiring:form element and would have to be validated differently. Note, too, that in this example there is a default namespace that the unqualified element names employee and name belong to. For the document to be properly validated, the schema for that namespace must be declared, as well as the schemas for the tax and hiring namespaces.

Note - The default namespace is actually a specific namespace. It is defined as the "namespace that has no name. This "unnamed namespace" or "null namespace" is like the number zero. It does not have any value to speak of no name , but it is still precisely defined. So a namespace that does have a name can never be used as the default namespace. When parsed, each element in the data set will be validated against the appropriate schema, as long as those schemas have been declared.

Again, the schemas can be declared either as part of the XML data set or in the program. It is also possible to mix the declarations. In general, though, it is a good idea to keep all the declarations together in one place. To declare the schemas to use for the preceding example in the data set, the XML code would look something like the following.

The noNamespaceSchemaLocation declaration is something you have seen before, as are the last two entries, which define the namespace prefixes tax and hiring. What is new is the entry in the middle, which defines the locations of the schemas to use for each namespace referenced in the document. The xsi:schemaLocation declaration consists of entry pairs, where the first entry in each pair is a fully qualified URI that specifies the namespace, and the second entry contains a full path or a relative path to the schema definition.

In general, fully qualified paths are recommended. In that way, only one copy of the schema will tend to exist. Note that you cannot use the namespace prefixes when defining the schema locations. The xsi:schemaLocation declaration understands only namespace names and not prefixes. To declare the equivalent schemas in the application, the code would look something like the following.

Here, the array of strings that points to the schema definitions. Note the differences from when you were declaring the schemas to use as part of the XML data set. To make the namespace assignments, the parser reads the. Because the files are specified with URIs, the parser can use an EntityResolver if one has been defined to find a local copy of the schema. If the schema definition does not define a target namespace, then it applies to the default unnamed, or null namespace.

So, in our example, you would expect to see these target namespace declarations in the schemas:. An array of Objects can be used only when the schema language has the ability to assemble a schema at runtime. Also, when an array of Objects is passed it is illegal to have two schemas that share the same namespace. Add eggs to the cooled sugar mixture and beat well. Stir and add dry ingredients, nuts, and chips. Grease a byinch pan with butter. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until it turns golden brown and then waits for it cool down.

After it is completely cool, cut into square pieces and serve. Create a JAVA code: import org. SAXException; import javax. XMLConstants; import javax. StreamSource; import javax. Schema; import javax. SchemaFactory; import javax. Validator; import java. File; import java. FileNotFoundException; import java. IOException; import java. URL; import java. These are written in XML.

It supports datatypes. It supports namespaces. It defines the order of child elements. It is extensible. It is simple and easy to learn. It provides more control over the XML structure. Facebook Comments. One Comment.