validating sources

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Validating sources

Is it a person? Is it an organization such as a government agency, nonprofit organization, or a corporation? What are the qualifications of the author? What is the author's occupation, experience, or educational background? Does the author have any subject matter expertise? Is the author affiliated with an organization such as a university, government agency, nonprofit organization, or a corporation?

Who is the publisher? For books, is it a university press or a commercial publisher? These types of publishers use editors in order to ensure a quality publication. For journals or magazines, can you tell if it is popular or scholarly in nature? See: Peer-reviewed, popular magazine, or journal? For websites, is it an organizational website, or a personal blog?

Accuracy and reliability Is the information well researched? Are there references e. If the source includes facts or statistical data, can this information be verified in another source? If the data was gathered using original research such as polling or surveys , what was the method of data collection? Has the author disclosed the validity or reliability of the data?

Currency and timeliness When was the information published? For books and articles - you should be able to easily verify the publication date. For websites, try to determine the date the web page was created or updated Is current information required? If not, then accurate, yet historical, information may still be acceptable. Objectivity or bias Does the source contain opinions or facts? Is the information presented in the source objective unbiased or subjective biased?

Does the information promote a political, religious, or social agenda? Is advertising content usually found in business magazines or newspapers clearly labelled? In Summary Does the source provide you with high-quality information? Is the information useful in answering your questions and meeting your information need? R eason for writing - Why did the author publish this information? Leslie Hayes, Director of Education at the New York Historical Society , discusses how to work with primary and secondary sources in historical research projects.

She shares how to assess the reliability of a source, ways to toggle back and forth between primary and secondary sources, and what to do when two sources offer conflicting information or ideas. This video is one in a three-part series about historical research and writing. See also: Building an Argument and Writing and Editing. These questions can be used before viewing the video to brainstorm ideas and review the concepts discussed in the interview, or after watching as a way to reflect on the interview.

Skip to main content. Media Resource. Questions for Analysis and Comprehension. Can you think of a source that could be either a primary or secondary source? In which contexts would it be primary, and in which secondary?


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