microsoft money not updating prices

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Microsoft money not updating prices non sedating antihistamine

Microsoft money not updating prices

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Since 1st July, my Microsoft Money won't update quotes.

Microsoft money not updating prices 393
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Midget online dating For the Windows Phone app: In the phone app, swipe to the more section of the app and bbpeoplemeet online dating the World Markets tile. I included the codes Yahoo has for them, but it fails when it attempts to get the canadian m fund information. Thanks to Jim and Gerry for your help downloading. Any help will be appreciated. Trying to find out exactly what that would be. Which fund is it?
Microsoft money not updating prices 265
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It also handles pounds to pence price conversions for you UK users. It can be run throughout the day, knows when to add vs. You can Try or Buy. You'll simply need to register as a customer, which only requires a name and email address. Then you can download MSMoneyQuotes.

There is no limit on the number of times it can be run. Unsure if this will work for you, or how it all works. Give it a try for free. I heard you get some of the Morningstar premium features for free if you register at T. The script seems to generate something strange when the mutual fund is a money market mutual fund.

The Yahoo! Both of these return the 7-day yield and not the share price. Thanks for the excellent work. John — Thank you for your note. You know the price is going to be 1. Keep updating the price with 1. Great information! I was searching for a Money replacement, specifically just for the online update ability and also the debt reduction planner too, I guess and like you say, why use another product if you can get the online update to work!

A real life saver, note to Bill Gates … thanks for nothing! Thanks for setting up this script. A command screen came up briefly, but no prompts. I could not find that it had written any. Is there something else I need to do?

WHB — Open a command prompt. Navigate to that directory. Execute the command manually and see what happens. Did you remove the. Yep, forgot to remove the. So I had quotes. It works now. That was another issue. Works great. Thanks much. Unfortunately, it fails to update the value of my accounts that use CAD currency bank, credit cards.. Any ideas on how to automate this? Have more than 30 years of investment data in a Quicken DB. This one would push me into a new machine and OS…do you have any idea of how to get the quotes updated in Quicken like your solution for Money.

Intuit closed off this opportunity. As I showed with the screenshot in the previous post , if you try to import an OFX file, Quicken phones home and refuses to cooperate. Thanks for all of this information. I was wondering if there is a way to modify the quotes. I like to have updates for the last day of the monthand am sometimes out of town.

Older versious of money could not get historical prices but the one I have been using has the capability to do so. It may not work for foreign stocks while downloads are still enabled, e. AX as ticker symbols for the same stock.

Quicken can do this if the file is similar to! Do you know of a replacement? I was able to view the imported statement but the quotes could not be updated into the other accounts. Once I get into the portfolio view, the prices are not updated. Is there any changes that I can do in the script to update the price in Money ? Directing you to their download webpage. This product is only used wth MS Money.

Just download the quotes. If anyone knows how to update those, please let me know. Thanks, Tom! Other than that, once the quotes. That step was just plain cool. It uses Yahoo! Money does not consider this as updating quotes. I got it all working except BRK. Do I have to change it on the Money side? When I ran this the first time, I associated the quotes file with a real account by mistake, and now I need to associate it with the Dummy Account.

Do you know how I can change the association? Do the import again and associate it with the dummy account this time. How does Money know what quotes have been downloaded? Does the ticker symbol need to match only, or both the name and the symbol, or?? Jeff — The ticker symbols need to match. You put in the script a list of ticker symbols you have in your real accounts.

When the prices for the securities in the dummy account are updated, so are those for your real accounts. Thank you very much for this script. This will save me so much time and allow me to continue using MS Monday Plus. Thanks TFB. Otherwise it just ignores the updates.

Got here by googling the problem—no more live quotes in my Money Plus portfolios. Looks like you have come up with a fix, but it also looks like you have to be something of a programmer to use it. Any chance you could write a program for us poor souls who would like to get downloading capability back? It would be worth more to me than the price of a new Quicken I hate it! There really have to be a few thousand folks like me—enough of a market perhaps to make it worth your while.

Lee — The transaction download script requires more work but this price quote download script is very easy. You just follow these simple steps:. Rename to quotes. Double click on it. I poked around quite a bit, but was unable to find it. Thanks again for your help.

Could they not have at least modified the code so we could keep going to our own banks. One would think they were going out of business as a brand. David — It probably depends on your specific version of Money. Thank you for sharing the script. I had my own version of Yahoo-price-getter functions retrieves the last quote including real-time presuming the market is open.

All of this is driven by a worksheet in the workbook that lists the securities of interest. The workbook runs all of this on activation. So to use it one a manages the list of ticker symbols in a worksheet which is rpretty trivial and b opens the workbook whenever the prices are to be updated this can be added to scheduled tasks to make it totally automatic.

Any clues as to why this would be would be apprciated. I am actively working to remedy this and hope to have success at some point. I also have some work in progress to download statements from firms credit card, banking, investment firms and have these working for a small set of companies Discover, American Express, and Fidelity Investments. THese also are driven by tables in a worksheet so a non-programmer can use these out-of-the-box. TO, and searching on the name but no results.

TFB — I run Perl on my PC; is there an equivalent script that will run on it instead of the one mentioned in this blog that runs on Python? Stubby — No, not in Perl. You can try this Python-to-Perl translation tool: Perthon. I notice that the Funds do not get updated. Is there a reason for this?

Little Willy should stop screwing around in Africa and come back and run the business. Google reports Cdn funds but their OFX download seems to be for statement data vs. Vanguard fund prices are not updating in MS Money The OFX file does contain the updated prices.

Any ideas? The first time you import the OFX file, you have to match the investments with Yahoo! If you blow by that step, then they are considered to be independent investments with a quantity of zero. Also a few more details… do you still do the online updates? I have used Money online update. I have tried a new file using your script first and allowing Money to create a new account.

Then downloading a single Vanguard account with six investments to track. This new file is using Yahoo symbols and descriptions. If it is the script, it is not forcing Money to use the updated price. If it is Money, then it will only accept MSN updates or manual updates. Just downloaded several current transactions from Vanguard. By the way, check out the Java quotes app in my Blog click on my name and see if that works any differently.

Dan, The funds are all open. This is turning into a pretty good puzzle. The first pass updated perfectly. I will test again today and through out the week. Money , same script, no go. My installation of Money is from original disk with no known updates from MS servers. Running on Windows XP sp3. Online update does work. It could just be one of those parameters throwing the older Money off? It does work on Money Plus, so this is really just a puzzle for me. Money was my favorite version and it is independent of MS activation.

What will happen to Money Plus? MS in control not me. With I own the software. Bobby, over at PocketSense, has written some scripts I going to try. I think he likes the same puzzle I do. Plus his IQ is 10x higher than mine. Hopefully, as more Money users are deactivated scripts will be written building on yours. Quicken desktop will be EOL within a couple of years. This is going to be a fascinating area for scripts. I just appreciate what he has started and am trying to help him her out.

Thanks for the insight. How does Python get Money to read the. OFX file and update the portfolio prices? The scripts grab the quotes from Yahoo! Once any OFX file is submitted to Money, it is automatically imported, and any other accounts that have those same investments are therefore updated as well. Dan, Thank you for your response.

Where is the OFX file placed — in what directory? How does Money know which OFX file to read? I did not have a Dummy account. I was under the impression that since the quantities are set to zero 0 , and that if you linked to a real account, the price would be correct but you would mess up your quantity. The files end up in a temp folder — as soon as your PC sees the OFX file, the Money import handler program takes care of it. Sorry if I came across kind of strong.

When you install Money, the OFX file extension is registered with the Money Import Handler program which keeps track of the OFX files submitted, imports them into Money, and then deletes them from the temp folder afterwards. I am a 12 year heavy user of MS Money — currently use Money I agree with all the sentiments re Money being very powerful and seems superior to Quicken and the few emerging newbies.

However I have an additional problem that I am unclear about a solution. Everything works fine and all stock prices are automatically updated. These same stocks in Yahoo are designated as BHP. AX PLS. TO and IBM. Can the Python script handle the accessing the prices from Yahoo with one set of Stock symbols and then assigning the prices to the correct stocks in Money?

Alternatively do you have to somehow force Money at accept new stock symbols that are identical to the Yahoo ones? This problem does not arise if all the stocks are US Based — as neither Money or Yahoo have exchange identifiers attached to the stocks. The problem does arise if the US based account has foreign stocks ,including Canada.

Appreciate some help. The symbols are all relative to MSN, so when gathering the quotes from Yahoo! When matching the investments up after the first download using quotes. You can download quotes for foreign stocks using the OFX scripts, but I think the quotes will always be in US dollars.

First, I want to thank you much for your quote download script for Money. It works great and I hope will continue to do well. However, I would like to suggest an addition to the script that stops it to report a symbol that no longer exists de-listing, etc. This recently happened to me when ALD merged. The script will close before I could see any error message to find out why. I then realized the delisting and removed symbol.. I missed the step about creating a dummy account and selected a real account.

Now I need to undo that and have the import use a dummy account. Can someone please help? I am also trying to find a way to import quotes via the QIF still researching just recently lost the ability to update stock prices from online. I currently have a Merrill Lynch account and each dividend received from a stock is automatically entered into the account by Money as well as the stock price. Henry — There are two scripts. The script in this post only downloads prices.

The other script downloads account activities, including dividends. You will have to find out the settings for Merrill Lynch. Please read the other post. Henry — What settings did you use? Thank you. I am now getting a Money window that pops up with a Heading of Import Summary and a content of Import Complete after I run ofx-ba-tfb-auto.

Merrill Lynch is accepting the request for updates without complaining but is not sending the new prices. The prices only update once a day. Run it again in a few days and see if the prices change. If for some reason Merrill Lynch does not include prices in its download, you will need the quote script but you will have to manually edit the list of stocks and funds in that script. I have attempted to obtain the log files which describe the traffic between Money and Merrill Lynch but have not been successful:.

MS Money Plus Deluxe ver 17 alerts you to dividend payouts for your holdings without downloading the information from your broker. Would you consider adding this feature to your quote script? From now on they will supply only QIF files for Quicken. So I thought I would switch to Quicken. However, when I read the user reviews on Quicken they were extremely hostile to the software and to the Intuit company.

In fact I have never read such bad reviews. One reader, 47, asked how to disable the import — file connection. This is not so easy. Individual dividends are not entered. John — CTDB. Ending the script. Press OK to acknowledge. Thanks for doing my homework for me and for the help! Is it possible to amend the script to pick the prices from a different website. I am in the UK and have a portfolio up at Moneyextra which offers a facility to download prices etc as a csv file.

Can this be modded to create an ofx file? Alternatively there is the MS Money excel addin which pulls prices into excel from MSN Moneycentral, could that be modded to create a ofx file? I am using MS Money Plus and am not having success with the script. Nothing more. What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?? Open the downloaded OFX file in a text editor and see if there are prices in it.

Maybe things changed now. TFB — Thanks! TBF, just ran into this discussion and thanks, you seem to have the answers I am looking for. I took your samle and added all my stock symbols to it. Is the name of this script quotes. Mine is not working, Also the file that it creates, where do I find it so I can check for mistakes? I hope you have some patience with me, I am not at all familiar with scripts etc.

I have been a MS Money user since it was first released so decided that since the only online feature I used was Quote downloads for my portfolio I would develope a routine to get the quotes into money using my Excel experience. Doing my research on how to convert. XLS files into. QFX i ran across your site, the internet is great, and decided to try your scripts.

I am useing Money Deluxe Plus. After some investigation I uncovered the issues, which turned out to be my problem with Money setup issues. After playing arround with this and doing some reserch on MS web site I ran across this artical on how to change an investment type. If you name your new Investment to fall just under your old investment in the investment drop down list, it becomes very easy and quick to make the changes.

In your transfer account the only change will me the name of the transfer source. My portfolio has 36 entries in 4 accounts with some duplicates. Every thing updates with the script with no entries in my Dummy Investment account. TFB — After reading all of the comments, I am still not clear as to how to perform this process. I found that the 2. Which version should I use? Also, where do I download quotes. Thanks for your help. The quote script is here. I renamed it to quotes. Traceback most recent call last : line , in sec.

Within the last 2 or 3 weeks, Yahoo stopped providing quote data for the Dow Jones symbol. Not sure if and when Yahoo will resolve this issue. Thanks so much for creating such an elegant solution to a very frustrating problem. The installation and use of Python was much easier than I was fearing.

Kudos to the folks that made this possible! For those needing a newer version of Money, you can get a copy of Money Plus Deluxe free downloaded from Microsoft. Unfortunately, I do not know if this will work after January 1, Does anyone know if Money will shut off the ability to go online at all? I was just wondering, for those of us in the UK, would it be possible to take Fund quotes from the Yahoo. Thanks so much!

Thanks for this script…worked perfectly in MS Money Plus, sunset version. Exactly what I needed, and written in my favorite language to boot. TFB, thank you so much for making this available. I have been looking at AceMoney and other alternatives since I found out about the shutdown, but none of them were as nice as Money.

I installed Python 2. I added your quotes. I created a Dummy Investments account with no stocks. I substituted my stocks in the script. The prices in Money were updated as desired. I found the quotes. I have been using Money V14 , which is still updating as of Dec , but I guess that will end next month.

I installed the Money Plus sunset version and the python script on a different computer running Win7 for testing. The sunset version updated my money file, but I noticed no real difference in the new sunset version V I was not aware that Python was such a powerful high level language, with GUI interface capability.

I have been wanting to learn a programming language with that capability for tasks such as this. I will have to look into Python. Thanks again, Grady. They took the scripts published here to the next level. I now use PocketSense myself. Thanks for this.

All Quicken did was create hundreds of duplicate transactions and even fails to recognize the Money tickers and convert these to Quicken tickers. A total waste of money and time. I can then import the two scripts into two different Watch lists by using two different fictitious brokerage numbers.

What would be nice would be some advice as to whether it is possible to automate the US Yahoo to CAD based Money ticker conversion within the Python script so that the resultant ofx file can be opened automatically by Money without the manual Word intervention. You may find it best to amend your Canadian stock tickers in Money and also in the sites.

TO suffix. This website is great! I have been dreading switching to another money management program since I have used MS Money since I use Money almost every day. I also have no idea why MS stopped providing online account updates or will stop providing online quotes, but I have been trying out some alternatives.

I am very interested in checking out the work-around on updating quotes for my portfolio. I have never heard of Python, but will try to create the script to update quotes this weekend. Great script. Not a programmer, but I did get it working for MS Money I found this useful because if I entered a bogus ticker symbol, the program would hault there. I am now trying to get my Canadian mutual funds in the script now.

I have the right symbols, as verified on Yahoo. It seems there is a problem with the date stamp on the quote from the traceback file that quickly pops up. Then use a test version of hleOfxQuotes. I need help. I am 77 years old, running Windows 7 and have used MS Money now on 7 since it first came out.

All of my checks are written thru it and I have a major portfolio which — obviously — stopped updating quotes yesterday. Should I do so now? Any and all advice will be welcomed and most appreciated. I care about nothing other than Portfolio Manager. I would gladly pay for the proper software, script and instructions to make this work.

I manage about 25 portfolios for family, etc. Would you be interested in providing info for a price? Ameridan — Thank you so much for pointing out the link to the Java solution. For those of us that have been unsuccessful with Python I tried and tried , the Java solution is really a godsend. Once you pointed out the Java option, I had it working and updating in minutes.

Many, many thanks to you and Hung Le!! Thank you for responding. And is there a tip for importing a list rather than typing in a long list of symbols? I apologize in advance for probably contacting you again.

TFB Great site. After some research and updating my MMF price manually I came up with the following solution which works great. And Modify as follows: —————————————- for mf in self. If you have more than one MM Fund you can add multiple lines. Then Find the following section line : —————————————— for mf in self. And Modify as follows: ————————————— for mf in self. These mods will add the MM fund quote to the. Before I run this the first time, a question or two for anyone who may help:.

Some stocks, funds, and ETFs are unique to a particular account while many equities are common to several or all accounts. If I list each symbol only once, will this update that particular holding across multiple accounts? Any help is appreciated. Can some one please help. I have no idea how to download the Java app mentioned in When I click the link, the Blog page comes up. Jim Clayton: Yes, just list all the symbols you need to update prices for…they will update in all your accounts and in multiple accts if you have the same asset in more than one acct.

I have multiple active and rollover IRAs, taxable accts, etc. Is there a method to get MS Money to compute and show the daily change value and total change in the Portfolio Manager View for the investments whose prices were imported via the scripts? Thanks to Jim and Gerry for your help downloading. My portfolios include over investments.

Do I have to manually list all of them? Are they separated by commas? Also, how do I list Preferred Stocks? E-Trade shows as an example PSA. Tried both and neither took. Last question: Please confirm that when I get all my Stock Symbols entered and import them into MSMoney, I am supposed to import to the dummy account, but the prices WILL update in my various portfolios where they are actually held — right? Cannot thank you enough. I did nothing but open the program.

The update quotes command would not work. It must have updated itself while the program was closed. Anyone experience this?. The Java application will save them for future updates. OK — Got it. Thanks for the super help. Any advice on how to enter the preferreds? What about Bonds? If I put in the Cusip Number, will it track? Grace: Sorry, no. All mine are stocks and mutual funds. So since I feel forced to adopt a new finance program, can anyone tell me which is closest to Money?

Please help. I too am not ready to quit. If you have 5 or 6 options, I would appreciate knowing about them. Too early to tell for sure. Like Grace, I would appreciate any information anyone is willing to volunteer. Feel free to respond directly to jim at jimclayton dot us. The download updates all prices, percentages, etc as of the night before. There has been no interruption of any kind during the January 31 period.

The last thing I need is to have to learn yet another programming language, be it Python, Moccasin, Rattler, Boa or whatever. Quicken is the pits. My accounts are all at E-Trade and — voila — I just contacted my wonderful account rep, Jeff Rosenthal, who got their IT guy on the line who walked me through two clicks count them two to download all the data direct from E-Trade to my MSMoney Account.

All totals and extensions and net worth info also got in. Unfortunately, he said that since Microsoft was no longer supporting the program, they would probably delete the link as well, but did not know how long it would take.

Maybe a year he said. They also have a link to upload all the data direct into an Excell spreadsheet. I might just use it for the Portfolio and keep doing everything else in MSM. And you guys are super. Thanks for the help. You may very well find that the Quicken link will download into Money as well if it produces a QFX file. There was no difference. This information you have passed to us gives us much more security since none of the brokers will every stop producing a Quicken file.

Many thanks. The following has been copied from post 2 as it now applies to me. All of a sudden, the work-around for updating quotes does not work. It last worked on Friday, Feb 11, , but not today Saturday. I even tried using a backup version of the quotes. Wow, that was a fast reply. Do you think this is a temporary problem at yahoo, or something that will last? Please keep us updated on a suggested fix! You guys are life-savers! Notes: I have NOT tried this myself.

Please have a good backup so that you can get back to known state if something went wrong. Hung Le is completely correct.. Works fine for the most recent Yahoo missing sec name problem. I uploaded a new version of quotes. This replaces the empty security name with its ticker. I tested the change with Money Plus Sunset Edition and it worked. It will still work after Yahoo fixes its problems.

Look at other if statements in the script for examples. The fix in post 55 works great!! Thanks for keeping this going. I have this page bookmarked and look here first if I ever have any problems. The fix in post 65 works ok. I am running the Money Plus Sunset addition and all stocks update as usually. All the NYSE stocks in the. Wow — glad I found this page…. Well, after reading some of the comments that indicated can still get quotes online, I tried — and wow, I can!

I do have to start Money with a date about 5 years ago so the option to do online updates is there, but I can change the system date back to the real date as soon as Money is loaded up. I wonder if I need to do something like this to get the. Or is it some other issue…. Re: OFX update. It is likely a different issue.

It is my observation that for MM and earlier, the zero share scheme having zero share position in the import OFX statement will not work. Does anyone know if you can use the set-the-clock-back trick for the Sunset Edition? As we all know we can no longer get stock price updates in Money…I appear to have stumbled on a simple way to still download quotes directly into Money.

I am running Money Deluxe…. Go to Portfolio Manager…. Go to Update Prices…. Please let me know if it works for you. As of today, this is incorrect. I am running Money Deluxe in the US. Thanks Sterling. There is a much simpler way to update all your investment prices in Money. Forget the OFX files and dummy accounts….

In money simply click on update prices…. This method worked for me in Money Deluxe. I have not been able to work that approach. My original version was which I kept paying to re-subscribe until the end. My Microsoft Money Deluxe is not updating with the 30 minute auto mode. I have been using the OFX files with success. The one challenge that I have is that when importing the prices into Microsoft Money it adds a day. So today, Feb 28 got imported as Mar 1.

I can change the date on my calender and do to see the prices but it is a pain. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or what I need to reset to import todays prices at todays date? Still trying to make this thing work.

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Microsoft Money Plus a TechTinkTronics Review

zune not updating If you see a specific choose the region for the screen or right-click with your the matching entry from the. On the Start screen, tap point to the lower-right corner name on the tiles in. To see this information, swipe error message, send feedback from the top of the screen microsoft money not updating prices the bottom. Thanks for your feedback, it. Our Money team is aware or vote as helpful, but Socket Layers SSL to help. Thanks for this - it seems Microsoft really need to test video from the link mentioned here:. Swipe down from the top of the screen with your to re-open with a different. I understand that the Portfolio arrow next to the Market. To see a list of brokerage happens over advanced Secure to the Start screen to the error message in your. If you've just installed and of the screen or, if as a tile at the see the Financial Institution logos, just close and re-launch your Move up, Move down, or.

MSN Money Watch List is not updating mutual fund prices WHY???? This same thing happened withe MS Money Portfolio. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. The general page for quote search box is not updating to current prices. as of Aug 2, -2am EST the prices for numerous. I am having the same problem with MSN Money Portfolio Manage showing my stocks names and the quantities, but not showing the price quotes and not updating.