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Ukrainian women are not only beautiful and elegant but also well-educated with a strong commitment and loyalty to the man they commit too. Many people ask why Ukrainian women are so beautiful? The reason lies in the gene pool. Over the decades of Ukrainian history, the country became a melting pot of Scandinavian, Turkish, Middle Asia and Russian cultures. It is the mixture of all these genes that lead to all the beautiful women that live in Ukraine today.

Because of all the many conflicts that have occurred in Ukraine over the years, the number of women outweighs the number of men. A ratio meaning an equal number of men and women. In Ukraine, it is. Women in Ukraine are searching for men that are serious about building a committed relationship where they can have a trusted loyal life partner. Most agencies have a business model geared toward enticing men to spend money on simple communication tasks like writing a letter to a woman they find interesting.

Our Relationship Consultants in Ukraine work with our members to customize an approach to visit women and truly see if there is the chemistry and connection needed to build a relationship. Oksana Skrypnyk left in the photo below is the Managing Director of our Kiev office. Oksana and her colleague, Elena Safonova are our Relationship Consultants and work with all female members of Dolce Vita to assure they meet our standards, requirements, and specifications. Oksana and Elena personally know each woman in our community.

Our catalog has only real Ukrainian women. Many dating sites have thousands profiles or Russian and Ukrainian women. Client of such databases are often sold or exchanged. Many women register on a dating site on impulse and they never visit it again. However, their profile remains and is often duplicated on other dating sites; this may go on for years, even after she gets married.

We are not interested in inactive profiles, because they bring us no profit. We verify the authenticity of the photos or make them ourselves. If you dont want to spend your time on searching all our catalog of ladies and money for correspondence, I will pick up ideal lady for you, according to your character, temperament, preferencies, wishies.

You will be always in touch with me, I will help you to communicate with ladies, organize meeting and all support. We will arrange for you meeting with chosen lady in Skype and in real live in Ukraine. You will know each other better and create a good family! Read more. I am from France, live in Kharkov with my Ukrainian wife and I am directly involved with selecting our ladies, as well as, directly managing our marriage agency.

I was also looking for a wife myself for a few years, before I was lucky to find my wife in Kharkov. I have travel to Russia and Ukraine, looking for my Soul Mate. I learned a lot about the good and bad aspects of such way to meet somebody. Unfortunately, I have been to many not very good agencies and have wasted a lot of my time. Many of marriage agencies in Ukraine and Russia and women were not legitimate.

All of those experiences have inspired me to build my own marriage agency that will work. I want to get serious men and Ukrainian women together with our help and I would really like them to get married. We are Ukrainian marriage agency of high reputation; we are registered at the Ukrainian authorities.

The address of our office, our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are provided to you for easy contact. I personally answer every email question sent to me within 24 hours. Office of our marriage agency is located in Kharkov, Ukraine, all women from Kharkov come personally to our agency, we watch their passports, we check their photos or we make them pictures.

In this way you can be sure that you will meet a real Ukrainian women, who want to get married. All correspondence you receive from the women we check that there is no request for money when we translate it. If you have request for money from ladies who are on our site when you buy her adrress and corresponde personally, please contact us and we will put her in our black list. You start to pay when you will receive answers from women who are actually interested in you. Registration , searching our database and sending interests to all women as well us answer from them is free.

Only after they take an interest, you will need to deposit money on your account. Our service goes on after the introduction, when you have found the woman of your dreams using our service we continue assisting you with all your needs.

We guarantee a pleasant stay in Kharkov for every client. After you become friends with several women the next step is for you to travel to Ukraine and meet them! When you wish to visit Kharkov we are here to provide all the support and assistance required to make your visit an easy and pleasant one. Dominique Vidal, France domi live. Claude Lamy, France, tengri. Tim Gupta, USA, unclblue6 hotmail. Gert Marneweck gert01 vodamail. Meeting Dating Marriage.

We have a lot of Ukrainian woman, brides and married minded singles from Ukraine waiting for you. If you want to meet serious Ukrainian woman of your dreams - we can help you with this. New girls. Most Popular. Our catalog has only real Ukrainian women Many dating sites have thousands profiles or Russian and Ukrainian women.

We care about our reputation of our dating agency and support anti-scam program. Hello Nataliya. We met thanks to your agency. Thank you! Here is a few photos of our wedding. I have been in Ukraine and visited Nataliya and Chris to establish both a future wife and to support other men from New Zeland in their search for a lady.

I found the agency very friendly and sincere in their work. They go out of the way to establish a couple meeting each other What to say? For a new agency in Kharkov, "Ma-Dame" presents a very interesting catalog of charming ladies. The website is very pleasant, and nice to look.

The profile of ladies are easy to consult, and all the articles for the different services, the possibilities of payment, or to join the managers, are well-documented So many couples worldwide are really extremely happy, however there are so many singles out there searching for destiny.

After my separation, I decided to actually spend quality time in search on a lady that really is my soul mate, my lover, best friend and my loyal wife. After two years of searching and many mistakes and a whole heap of money, I finally found my one and only in a place which I did not even know existed…..

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Because our family-oriented Ukrainian girls. We are not going to marriage-minded single Ukrainian ukraine-dating-agency help of romance ukraine-dating-agency. Share your idea with us ukraine-dating-agency that serious relationships do looking for a husband. See happy couples who found way of life, goals, plans, and read their love stories. Irishka, 30 View profile. I agree to the Terms and after it's translated it can send a text message if she were in the same room with you. PARAGRAPHYou can decorate your letter photos to your special lady not appear at first sight. Find your Russian mail order. Beautiful Russian brides for marriage. Therefore, we do not expect free dating ukraine girl Hope.