updating primavera schedule

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Updating primavera schedule transgender and dating

Updating primavera schedule

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No notes for slide. These documents may also require specific software to be used. Determine Update Frequency In order to effectively record and measure project progress consideration should be taken as to regularity of updates. Internal company policy, project budgeting constraints, and application usage are factors in establishing schedule update occurrence. Maintaining more frequent records i. The maximum number of baselines per project is established by the Administrator Admin, Preferences, Data Limits ; this setting is Global and applies to all projects in the database.

The Administrator can also provide users the right to copy a specified number of baselines when copying the project. Using a responsibility Activity Code allows the scheduler to breakdown activity progress by the trade or crew or individual performing or responsible for the work. Each responsible party can through the use of filters and layouts review a report of work progress and effectively plan for near term activities. The scheduler can also more easily identify potential issues and mitigate risks based on performance factors.

Activity Codes may be Global across the Enterprise or Project specific to the individual project. It is recommended to use project specific activity codes to avoid corruption of any other Projects in the Enterprise database. Only one Activity Code value can be assigned to an activity i.

Another option of tracking responsibility is to assign a Resource to each activity based on trade or crew or individual as shown in Figure 1 ; however it must be noted that Resources are always Global. Unlike Activity Code values, multiple resources can be assigned to an activity. However, grouping by Resources is not as functional in the Activity window but available in the Assignments window. Training should include details on how to update the schedule, how to review the schedule, and how to add fragnets for change management.

Gather data The first step in the update process, prior to any data input, is to gather the data. It is also helpful to include columns for Predecessor and Successors. By selecting Progress Spotlight, the schedule layout is highlighted to a specific time period based on the Timescale minimum time increment.

For monthly updates, it is useful to highlight two months; for weekly updates, it is useful to highlight two weeks as shown in Figure 2. Each of the responsible parties should fill out their respective scope of work on the update sheet. In the Activities window, the layout can be sorted by responsible party using Group, Sort options located under the View menu and selecting the appropriate Responsibility activity code.

In the Activity Assignments view, the layout can be sorted by resource using Group, Sort options. At this point it is important to have an understanding of the various software settings. These settings include security access settings, percent complete types, duration types, calculation settings, resource settings, multiple projects, layouts reports , and filters.

Security settings are established by the Administrator Admin, Security Profiles. These settings should be defined as default to all activities at the project level Project Details, Defaults tab. Defining the activity percent complete type determines the role of percent complete at the activity level. The level of incorporating estimated work durations based on production factors may change dependent on the phase of the project. As scope of work is being defined, production rates and durations are estimated.

Duration can then be based on these estimates. However, once the scope has been clearly defined and the project duration established, production rates are typically monitored in order to maintain successful project completion. Typically used after contract award and during execution phases. This Duration Type is used when established Budgeted Quantities are not assigned but are secondary to the Duration and the Production Rate i.

The last two Duration Types are typically used during the Initial Phase or constructability phase to calculate durations based on either Budgeted Units or Units per Time. These settings are based on resource definition and settings both at the resource and project levels. Most activities in the typical construction schedule are task dependent.

Each of these settings affects the way the scheduled dates are calculated in an update and are important for the Scheduler to understand. The Retained Logic setting maintains the as-built sequence of activities regardless of actual work. With the Progress Override setting the activity logic sequence can be overridden based on actual work. The Actual Dates setting allows for future actualized activity dates to calculate sequence.

Once the data is verified then the schedule file s can be imported into a production database. During the import process the user is prompted to select whether to create a new file, replace an existing schedule, or to update an existing schedule. Replacing the schedule will erase what was contained in the database with the outside schedule. Updating the schedule will modify the existing file with data from the outside schedule.

The final step in the import process is the import configuration utility. The default template provided is typically used when importing new data that does not exist in the database. However, if there are items which exist in the current database the default template may need to be altered. This is how the majority of projects I work with utilize the project schedule. Now I enter the remaining duration, RD or set the estimated finish dates based on the project team input. I schedule the program again.

Once this is completed, the project schedule progress update is complete. I have an accurate current as-built project status. This update process is simple and still shows the variance between physical progress and activity duration. With this information, I can address this lack of progress for any in-progress activities, while there is time to have a positive influence.

I can also look at completed activities based on Original Duration against Actual Duration. I may have the opportunity to influence current or future similar work by the same subcontractor or field team. If there is a requirement for Resource and Cost loading, the process above will require a few changes depending on the Resource Loading requirements.

If the requirements only require simple lump sum, LS cost loading, not resource hourly units or material and equipment units, the above process will work. I then assign the appropriate resource to an activity and add the LS cost. Personally, I try to have one resource per activity, not multiple resources. Should be one point of responsibility for each activity….

If the requirements require Resource and Cost loading by hourly units or material and equipment units, the above process will not work and several resource settings and task type will need to be revised. This is not an easy update process and is not addressed here.