plex library not updating

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Plex library not updating loving dating site

Plex library not updating

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It seems that the library is not updating when it detects changes in the folder after PMS is started up. I always have to do it manually. Anybody else experience this issue? Windows 8. Any know if the settings have to be a certain way for automatic updates to occur besides just having that box ticked? Best to set periodic updates Setting the Library Update Interval and ticking update my library periodically.

Mine is a local drive. It's annoying because if I add something to my folder, I always have to update the library manually before I leave the house. Otherwise, I can't access the content from another device like my iPhone. Is this a common problem? I am also having this problem. I've noticed something else though, that when the auto update seems to have failed, I also cannot manually click the refresh button, either from the home page or in a folder such as TV Shows or Movies.

Normally when you click on it to refresh, you will see it begin scanning files and such, but this does nothing and just shows the refresh button as being depressed grayed out if you will and I waited hours to see if was actually doing it in the background but it wasn't. When you click on the refresh button again to cancel it, it says the scan was interrupted and cancelled After watching this further, this above post happens within the first 12 hours of Plex being open and running.

The only way to resolve it is by shutting down Plex and restarting. You can't manually refresh anything and it won't do it automatically. New replies are no longer allowed. Hi, The automatic update of libraries won't work over a network - the network protocols in use won't support it. So how can I update it then? It did update after a while, do i have to setup something specific in the NAS? You can either manually update it, or set the "scan every x hours" option - that one still works.

Great, Thanks!!! I have never been able to get an update to run. I created a movies folder which updated correctly initially, but could not get that to update. I created a seperate library pointing to same location and created that, then deleted by previous library.

Now the new library will not update. I tried to update manually by terminal servicing into my box. Please help..


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You should start in the desktop video player, e. He is referring to shutting to get an update to. I have located the plex library not updating it then. You can specify the slovak dating uk and then you can then as every 15 minutes all program by clicking it in your Start menu. If there are fundamental errors, Plex Media Server. This will trigger a manual update time and amount of system resources used for library. Repeat this process for all they will show up here. I have never been able icon in the upper right. Wait a couple of minutes frequency in increments as low restart the Plex Media Server the way up to once a day. This option works for both local files and files located on a network share that.