what does validating identity mean

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What does validating identity mean cuban dating sites

What does validating identity mean

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I was on the internet using a wireless hookup, then im not on the internet and its telling me its trying to "Validate Identity" I don't know what this means or what it needs to Validate and or who's or whats Identity? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Previous Next Sort by votes. Apr 2, 1 0 18, 0. Guest Guest. Open your "Wireless Network Connection" where it displays the available wireless networks. Click "Change Advanced Settings". Click "Properties" then open the "Authentication" tab. This assumes you are NOT using any authentication at all. If you are, this will not fix your issue, but on most home wireless networks, you will not be using any authentication Try connecting computer to router by ethernet cable -- if it then works, it's a wireless problem, possibly with wireless security.

Try again with wireless but with wireless security disabled in the router. Sep 9, 54 0 18, 1. I'd recommend the same thing as the previous post.. Mar 23, 1 0 10, 0. Sep 11, 1 0 10, 0. Dark Lord of Tech Retired Moderator. Aug 18, , 1, , 25, Best answer selected by Area51reopened. This topic has been closed by Area51reopened.

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Identification is basic: a student is assigned a login and password identity to access secure information such as an online class or school portal. The student is granted this access through an admissions process. Identification does have some validation for the initial process, but is not itself a validation process. Identity is established for official interaction with the institution. Validation is showing something to substantiate the identity you claim to be.

The key difference is relying on some other provider as a way of validating the identity claim. Validation helps to reduce fraud by requiring multiple documented identities that are the same. The chance that one identity is fraudulently replicated in other documents exactly the same way is theoretically possible, but remote. In many ways, sending an access code to a phone could be validation since it is relying on nothing more than a person claiming to be the same person that owns the phone.

Authentication is something unique to the individual that cannot easily be duplicated or repeated by anyone other than the individual. Optical retina or facial recognition can provide authentication, but true authentication is more than showing a face on a camera, and the cost of this technology puts it out of reach of most institutions. There is good research to support going back to the days of Morse code, as the way one person types out Morse code is unique. Typing style is also unique to an individual.

In addition to the typing authentication models, there are also biometrical authentication processes where style and keystroke metrics are captured, recorded as data and used to authenticate an identity. This can be done at a reasonable cost to the student or institution. The need to introduce authentication measures is not an academic integrity provision, but a fraud prevention requirement. Academic integrity is important, but not at the federal level; financial aid fraud is the target for the DOE.

The danger in not understanding the difference is the danger of being out of Title IV compliance. Validation may, but the OIG language suggests authentication is the preferred process. More regulation is coming through Title IV than through a negotiated rulemaking session.

Once funding is tied to a rule, the DOE will be able to move more deliberately. There is more confusion being created as some suggest that authenticating for a test taken online meets the requirement. The requirement is more far-reaching than one item, or academic integrity. The DOE relies on accreditation for integrity guidelines in most cases. The OIG recommendations seek to reduce fraud in admissions, financial aid and student identity in an online class.

Simply catching a student cheating in an online test, while a worthy goal for academic honesty, will not meet the guidelines and will not reduce financial aid fraud overall. Institutions need to understand the risk; in the virtual world, one can be many. One person can seek financial aid for many. Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network. To specify the required certificate to logon the network, perform the following steps.

Click Start , click Control Panel , and then click Network connections. Right-click the wireless network that is not connected, and then click Properties. Select the Wireless Networks tab, select the desired wireless network from the Preferred networks: field, and then click Properties.

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