updating webshots with new smile app

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Updating webshots with new smile app dating ads newspaper

Updating webshots with new smile app

I have used Webshots for many years. I downloaded the "Smile" I hope by December to see lots of improvements. Beware people! There are some serious problems with this 'transition' - malware - spyware - trojans??? I have used Webshots for years. Now, with no option to refuse, the new 'owners' force my computer to automatically download their buggy 'app' - Now I can't get it to stop. I have removed all Webshot programs but can't get this OFF my computer. Email to the website 'contact us' does not get any response.

Too bad 'Smile' - you have ruined a once good thing I too am no longer with webshots. No screensaver - only desktop. No choice options - it's all or nothing. And they think people will pay for this?? Still have the stupid auto loader that I can't get rid of.

NOT ME. I am with flicker. There is a webshots section there, started by someone not webshots, but a ex-member. Take a look, it might suit you. I realize it may not be to everyone's tastes, but it is someplace. Had the same problem with "Files are corrupt" when trying to install Smile.

It removed my currently working version of Webshots only to screw up with the installation of the new Smile. And each time I rebooted, it would try to re-install. Finally removed it from the startup menu and then found the hidden folder where it resided and deleted that, too. Now I have no application to view all the webshots pictures I have on my machine. I wish I had never clicked to download Smile.

I could still be viewing my webshots photos. Same thing here - after I found the corrupt loader and removed it I was able to go to cnet and find the old webshots and reload. I now have all my old photos back. I did go into 'options' in the old webshots and deselect auto update option - the sneaky smile has not returned and tried to load itself since. Hope this helps. Below are instructions for different version if Windows.

In some cases adware programs are protected by malicious service or process and it will not allow you to uninstall it. If Webshots won't uninstall or gives you error message that you do not have sufficient rights to do this perform below instructions in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking or use WiperSoft Antispyware Malware Remediation Tool.

Adware threats like Webshots are very wide-spread, and unfortunatelly many antiviruses fail to detect it. To protect your computer from future infection we recommend you to use SpyHunter , it has active protection module and browser settings guard. It does not conflict with any antiviruses and creates additional shield against threats like Webshots. Information provided by: Aleksei Abalmasov. Problem Summary: Webshot wallpaper open firefox automatically in the start.

It's possible to prevent the program to open firefox? Problem Summary: Webshot open firefox automatically in the start. Problem Summary: delete webshot suppliant. Problem Summary: slows down my pc to a crawl. Problem Summary: win 32 error. Problem Summary: how to remove webshots desktop from my computer.

I have the webshots desktop and have had for some time, but I don't want ANY of it any more What do I do??? Thank you very much. Ann I'm 78 yrs. Problem Summary: membership upgrade. Every time I try to download, even a free photo, the system takes me to the membership upgrade form and I cannot do anything.

I could not find a 'way' to contact Webshots directly. Please help. Problem Summary: Cannot delete webshot. I deleted webshot from my remove program but the last one of June 3 with calender is still on. How do I get rid of it. Please help solve this problem. Thank You. Problem Summary: webshots. I want my name from the link as well. Problem Summary: My Webshots has been corrupt for months. If you can't fix this problem,cancel my account.

I've tried numerous times with success. Helen Curtis. Problem Summary: Corrupt Webshots. Problem Summary: windows and webshots. When I download webshots my desktop background goes blank blue screen. Can't even use Windows desktop pictures. Also no webshots. When I uninstall webshots then my desktop comes back. Show more. Today's special: w32 mydoom virus. Threat's description and solution are developed by Security Stronghold security team.

Problem Summary: Webshot wallpaper open firefox automatically in the start every time I start webshots the program automatically opens and displays the firfox webshot today's photo. Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed. Problem Summary: Webshot open firefox automatically in the start every time I start webshots the program automatically opens and displays the firfox webshot today's photo. Problem Summary: delete webshot suppliant i had webshots for years and loved it however when they wanted to start charging for it i didn't subscribe and somehow lost all my webshot photos i had, anyway, everytime i start my computer, the webshot suppliant comes on screen asking me if i want to try to download again also another box comes up asking me to retry Problem Summary: slows down my pc to a crawl because webshots slows down my pc, i want to remove it now.

Problem Summary: how to remove webshots desktop from my computer every time I turn my computer on, it tries to have me install "smile" the new webshots desktop and keeps popping up. Problem Summary: membership upgrade after upgrading my membership and paid for it, I have not been able to download pictures as a premium member. Problem Summary: Cannot delete webshot I deleted webshot from my remove program but the last one of June 3 with calender is still on.

Thank You Problem was successfully solved. Problem Summary: webshots when i search my name on google,a link appears about me doing a shot on my birthday. Helen Curtis Problem was successfully solved. Can you help? Thanks Problem was successfully solved. Problem Summary: windows and webshots When I download webshots my desktop background goes blank blue screen.

All Rights Reserved. Webshots intrusion method Webshots installs on your PC along with free software.


I have been using WS since for free. In I got my Premium membership and was happy. I could download professional photos, upload mine, share albums to my friends, and more. One of the things I miss most is the WS Desktop where I had my wallpapers from their site and personal ones. But today the program uninstalled by itself! Did it happened to you too? When I downloaded the new desktop I got an attention alert from Norton antivirus.

Because the software is relatively new, Norton can't say that is safe to run it. I renewed my membership last July so it has been only three months using it. I am not sure if I want to continue. If they don't give any money back, I will have to bear with the expense without any use. Sincerely, Spanish Steps. Post Reply Preview. SD Anderson Posted 9 years ago. Edited by SD Anderson admin 9 years ago.

Hello, Welcome and thanks for joining! I haven't used the Webshots desktop software since I ran a machine with Windows 98 installed on it. Back then I was thrilled with the program but eventually I started to take my own photos and set them as desktop backgrounds.

I have read through many complaints about this issue on the Webshots blog and it's a pity that they're not on top of it. Even paying members are experiencing difficulty and they're not getting the support they need and that's just not right! My biggest problem with the new change is that member photos can no longer be shared with the world or downloaded by anyone who likes them. They'll lose a lot of their current members but they may gain a few who are looking for that particular type of service.

In my opinion, it's not a good decision on their part. I hope to get many members here so we can at least try to continue where we left off at when we were members of Webshots. Thanks again for joining! I am so upset about my webshots files I hope I can get them. Good morning SD, Thank you so much for setting up this group. I joined Flickr on Tuesday, very shortly after I read about the demise of Webshots member for almost 12 years, premium member for almost that long.

It is indeed the loss of friends, community, open sharing and the chance to see places and things that I'll probably never get to see otherwise that kept me a faithful and daily participant in Webshots. I have absolutely no need and no desire for what they purport to be offering as of 1 December. I hope many come to this group, so we can 'see' old friends and make new ones, and see their beautiful photographs. I haven't uploaded anything yet but will in the next day or two. Meanwhile, I have to say my goodbyes on WS and delete all my work there.

Again, thank you, SD - great idea! Regards, Lynne from Virginia donolew. Hello Koalblue and donolew, I was a member of Webshots since but I joined flickr a few years ago because I got tired of the constant changes going on over at Webshots.

I figured it would be only a matter of time when they'd totally ruin the website so it's good to have some backup. I'm with the masses who hate anything "Cloud Storage". It's a creepy system where heaven-knows-what happens to your data and content once you upload it into the cloud servers. I like to share my photos and albums with the world so Webshots won't work for me anymore. It makes me wonder what people have to hide if they really insist on keeping everything private and share it with family and friends only.

Flickr has privacy settings as well but I can't see keeping every photo like landscapes, travel pics, etc from public view. Photographs are your best travel agent. They can help you determine some very nice places to take a vacation. And why do people need online storage when today's hard disk drives come in multiple gigabytes and terabytes - enough to store 10's of thousands of photos?

Make yourselves at home here and let's form a nice big interactive community. Spread the word to others even if they're not members of Webshots. Thanks for joining! SD Anderson 9 years ago. Folks, this group can grow larger if you'd post a message on the Webshots blog and copy this link into your message body or as your website link: www. Hi and thanks for creating this group! I will gladly post to it once I get my computer back. It crashed over a month ago and since I haven't had it connected to the internet Didn't realize that was a hidden blessing til reading the blog over at Webshots.

Smile hasn't destroyed me yet. Looking forward to seeing what grows here! MissyPenny 9 years ago. Hi SD and everyone, Thanks for creating this group. I look forward to seeing many lovely shots and posting some of my efforts. Am planning a long road trip soon, so by the time I return with photos, she says gleefully sure hope to have many many of our ws buddies here. So, from Bucks County, Pa. May I, also, thank you very much for creating this group.

I lost almost webshot pictures that I had saved over the years. Let's hope we see some of them pop back up here on this community. Rich Germantown, TN. We're a small group yet but it's growing slowly but surely. There are so many comments mostly negative on the Webshots blog that a lot of people would surely overlook the link to this group.

I'm glad you found us and I'm looking forward to interacting with one another and sharing our photos like we did on Webshots. MissyPenny, please make sure you're including me in your long road trip:- I like chocolate snacks to chew on along the way! Thanks all for joining, Stew. Breizh33 9 years ago. Thank you Stew for creating the group. I will invite many of my friends who are sad of the Webshots closing. It is welcome. Bye Michelle.

Hi Michelle, Thanks for dropping by. Webshots isn't really closing but they might as well be closed since they're putting everything on the cloud and making private what used to be something that all of us could enjoy. Bring them all here! We're ready and waiting!

Thanks, Stew. Halloween Fans 9 years ago. Hi SD and everyone! Is a great idea by SD Anderson. There came more and more!. Here we find a place our long-standing friendships to maintain. We be very many work! Hi SD and everyone, Joined Flickr a few days ago I'm already feeling at home, seeing so many people I know for years.. Will inform a lot of people about this group. Cheers, Henri. Edited by harmonious writer member 9 years ago. Hi SD, Thank you for creating this group for us. It"s bringing alot of friends back together again.

For me, I met "anonneymouse1" through WS 4 years ago and we have been the best of friends since then. We go out most Saturdays and take pictures together. Thank You so much again for doing this. Toronto, Canada Karin. Hi guys. GDG from WS. I am going to miss the old community, and hope to recapture it here. Feel free to add me as a contact, if you wish, and I will reciprocate! Best - David. HereIsTom 9 years ago. Hello, I'm here too now and see I'm not the only angry WS member. I hope you will all complain to WS and don't go to pay for Smile!

I just saved my photos from WS, so when I have more time I will try to post them here. Best reagards, Tom HereIsTom. Hello everyone, I'm pleased to find a few of my closest friends in this wonderful group! May it be a cosy place for former Ws-members, who are disappointed with the new smile thing ;. Hi Stew, Thank you for creating this group. I hope a lot of WS members decide to join. I'm glad to see that some of my old friends are here already.

Hi Stew, also a big thank you for your great idea! We support you! Hello to all who just joined! Thank you very much for dropping by to see the great potential we have to get something nice started here. I'm pretty excited that all hope isn't lost after all.

Webshots is taking a different turn and there's nothing we can do to change that. But we can continue to be a community of friends and make new ones as we move along here. Thank you all for joining and let's show other flickr members what a great close-knit community is all about! Arlene Hsu Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Arlene Hsu member 9 years ago. I don't download any photos yet but thanks for creating this group. I left flickr 5 years ago because of tremendous excitement in Webshots.

Now I moved and go back where I used to be. Btw its great to see you guys here! Glad to be here too. Actually glad to be anywhere other than "Smile". I have been a member of Flickr for a long time, but never used it for my photos, just viewing.

I will be uploading here for a while now to transfer many of my files from what was once the greatest photo site online. Hello Mr. Anderson, Thank you for all your help here, it's great to read your tutorials about Flickr. It help me a lot! Best regards from Tom. Greetings Michael. Anderson, and for giving us a "shelter" from the Webshots storm!!! I already see some familiar names here, and that helps take some of the sadness away from the feeling of loss of friends and familiar faces at Webshots!

It's difficult to give up something that was so globally special for those of us who love photography! As former WS members trickle in here, as well as others who may find this group, I hope the sense of positive, supportive community will be established again. I'm very happy to be here, and I hope it becomes at least as special as WS was to us!

I appreciate your decision to set up this group, and I applaud your efforts! Kings Flautist 9 years ago. Glad to have found you! At least the Smile people gave us this link. I saved all my albums, but they are pics of which I still have the originals, so I'm going to start new albums here, little by little.

I live in Colombia, South America, so my photos will be tropical themes. What i most like about the community is the encouragement people gave each other, and I learned from all of you. I don't have a professional camera my daughter is the reluctant pro and has studied photography but we all get lucky sometimes.

Hope to see my friends from Australia, Hawaii and other places I've gotten acquainted with thru WS friends. Hello all, welcome! No need to flatter me over the creation of this group. Anyone could've done it if they had the motivation and resources. Years ago, I tried setting up my own online album service but it never took off because I didn't have the resources available that I do now. Unfortunately, now I don't have big bucks to get anything like that started.

I've seen many other album services come and go over the years. It is very expensive to maintain these types of websites. I could go onto the technical aspects of these websites but then I'd be speaking a language which many of you may not understand - Geek!

I see lots of photos posted here that look excellent even though they're taken by smaller digital cameras such as Canon's Powershot series. In fact, with a little know-how about image processing, some images are capable of looking as good as or better than their professional counterparts.

Thanks all for joining us! Hello SD and everyone. Thank you for this new beginning. Your friend, Mary. Sam0hsong 9 years ago. Thanks for starting this group! I've learned so much from my Webshots friends over the years and even more so learned to really enjoy each day sharing life with many of you. All the best!

I don't know my way around Flickr yet. I had been a member of Webshots since and only had a private set or two here. I'll have to take more time to explore Flickr and figure out what I am doing. I think this should be fun! Greetings from Missouri, Sharon.

Lianne calobs Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Lianne calobs member 9 years ago. Lianne from Quebec. Soon, there are members! A smile on my face! I'm joining in with everybody else to say thanks for setting up this group. I am no photographer I restrict myself to shots of equipment serial numbers - and even those get laughed at and criticised , but have enjoyed the webshots service since at least I shall continue to use the ws desktop for the moment, since it is a reliable and lightweight application, and I'm comfortable with it.

Unlike "Scowl". I am annoyed with myself for procrastinating, and therefore missing by one day the ability to download September's pro-shots; but this has forced me to recognise that I urgently need to download the marvelous community pics that I have had bookmarked for just about ever. Incidentally, my 'Installs Archive' has 12 different versions of the desktop, going back to websamp v2. If anybody wants an old copy, just let me know. Halloween Fans Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Halloween Fans admin 9 years ago.

Dear friends, my dear husband has open a bistro here in the group. There you can write anything you want. About your lunch, your withes, about the old webshots or about your new cameras. Or if you have questions or you need helb for anything. Come in and enjoy We said it elsewhere, but this seems to be the thread to say thank you for creating this for us It has a lot of potential and we're looking forward to contributing.

I am sitting here with delight!. I broke down and cried, I was so upset. I wanted to see if any of my new WS Friends had some new photos or maybe sent a little message. And we would send little notes to express our appreciation and you know how it all went.

It wasn't just to download Wallpaper or Screensavers, but we all became a little community. Even though we all lived in different countries, regions, communities - we shared and for many us it was truly special. I can no longer travel to some of the countries or communities, but sharing with our WS Friends it was just like we had visited and our friendships grew over the years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..

If there is a Membership Fee, just let us know. Also maybe we can share our photos like we had on Webshots.. I am not too knowledgeable in that area, so may need a little help. Warmest wishes to you all. Sandy Webshots -mssunflowers. Welcome to all who just joined us! Here you will find a few of your friends you had on Webshots. The close-knit community can be just as great here as it was with Webshots. In fact, there are more ways to communicate here than there were on Webshots.

The coolest feature is the flickr mail. With that, you can exchange private messages between yourself and other members. But don't neglect posting comments and compliments to each other's photos. There's also a discussion board right here where members can interact with one another. It's a fantastic place to participate once you've learned all the ropes. Sandy, there is no fee to join this community. But if you'd like to upload an unlimited number of photos to flickr, all you need to do is upgrade your account to pro.

I have created an information topic for new flickr members. There you'll learn the differences and similarities between flickr and Webshots. Thanks again for joining us! Am I correct in assuming that if you don't have the old WS desktop you can't download the zipfiles that are being offered? The zip files are your personal photos Cattservant you just have to remember where you put themThe Desktop application controlled Wallpaper,screensavers,uploads etc into the desktop.

If you have deleted the Desktop then the photos don't work there. Even use them as screensavers through your computer application. Goodness,I hope that is correct. It is so good to see so many familiar faces on here. Thank you SO much for creating this group where we can all be together again. I am a Webshots transplant too and appalled at how we were treated there, so now this is my new home.

Thank you for making this group. Wellcome to all the new members! You will see, its very nice here!!!! Greetings, Sonja and Michael. Does anyone know HOW to cancel our membership at Webshots? Mine just renewed in mid September for a year! Every time I try to cancel it, I get sent to that new page where you can't do anything. If Webshots cancels the entire Service, you may request a refund in writing within 30 days after the cancellation and receive a refund for the prorated amount of the fees for the Service.

If Webshots makes a material adverse change to the Service or to the terms of this Agreement, you may terminate this Service and request a refund in writing within 15 days of such change and Webshots will refund the prorated amount of the fees for the Service. If you cancel within 30 days of joining or renewal, you are eligible, upon request, for a full refund.

Termination of this Agreement and the refund rights above are your sole remedies under this Agreement and against Webshots. Webshots reserves the right to close all or any portion of the Site, deny you access and delete any files that you maintain on the Site and any information that you post and terminate your membership or all or any portion of the Service. You should keep a copy of any materials that you post on this Site because we will not undertake to retain copies.

I don't want to pay them for a whole year when they have closed us down! So my question is How do I cancel my membership in Webshots? Crowbelle, i dont know if you had used this link, but perhaps you can try it. But its only for USA members i think. Greetings, Sonja. Like many others I am so thankful that you started this group. I have been connecting with old friends from WS Went South and love the fact that this feels like a real community.

I joined Flickr in , but due to computer crashes and trying to deal with recovering my data etc, I completely forgot that I had an account here. I sent out an e-mail to all those from webshots whose e-mail addy's I had, and thankfully a lot of them responded by joining this group. I saw somewhere on here that you might need some volunteers to help in the future. I'm not familiar enough with the site yet, but when I am I will be happy to help in any small way that I can.

I'm no techno wizard, but I'm sure I can learn at least some basics that might help. Bless you for helping to bring back my internet friends. And to all the members that know me.. This is one happy Mouse. Thanks for setting this location up. I was very disappointed and disgusted to see the change to Webshots. I just had the notice pop up for me the first time this morning. I wouldn't recognize my computer without my array of beautiful seasonal images. Thanks again for creating this refuge!

Hope tons of people join. Hi Everyone.. Next, turn on Camera Upload in the settings. The latest photos and videos that you take will automatically start uploading. Get more help transferring photos and videos from your Android device or iPhone to a PC. In the search box on the taskbar, type photos and then select the Photos app from the results. Select Import and follow the instructions to import from a folder or a USB device. The app automatically selects items you haven't imported before, or you can choose what to import.

Under Sources , select Add a folder. Choose a folder from your PC, an external drive, or a network drive connected to your PC, and then select Add this folder to Pictures to add it to the app. Subfolders of the folders that you add will be included, too. See all your photos Windows 10 More Need more help? Join the discussion. Was this information helpful? Yes No.


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Smile updating app with new webshots does updating apps use data


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Get updates impacting your industry from our GigaOm Research Community will be migrated to Smile, which currently has iPhone and desktop apps, I also am a paid member of webshots Tried that Smile and did not like. By now you probably know that the old Webshots sit. I did go into 'options' in the old webshots and deselect auto update option - the sneaky smile has not People who didn't try to download the new Smile app are reporting problems with​. Webshots, the best in Wallpaper, Desktop Backgrounds, and Screen Savers since