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Tweet button count not updating free dating book

Tweet button count not updating

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As you may have already found out or experienced on your site, Twitter share counts are no longer updating on the share buttons starting with the 20th of November this year.

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Of course, many marketers , myself included , have contributed to the conversation about whether or not this retirement was a good idea. The first and obviously intended option from Twitter is simply to switch to the new button style. Consider that most third party social sharing button plugins already used their own custom button design, which typically incorporated a blue box with a white bird logo and text. This is a perfectly viable option.

An influencer tweeting your link is worth a lot more in views, even if you discount anyone else retweeting from the influencer. You get no indication of that value from a bare number. See, the basic idea goes like this. Take a social button and fake it. Instead, just use a number that is more or less realistic. If you have 65 retweets and you show 70, people will assume the discrepancy is just a caching error or an outdated refresh of the data.

You essentially need to take a free open source plugin and tear into it to customize it the way you want. Or, as another option, you can start from scratch and make something exceedingly simple. The choice is yours. Another way of doing it is to get a plugin like the Monarch Social sharing buttons, which have a cache for social counts, but allows you to edit them directly at will.

How can you get this data? You can also create a bot to do it for you. This option is more reliable and less work than the previous option, if you really want to have your mostly-accurate tweet or share count back. Essentially, you have a social sharing button for Twitter and it works the same way as the old buttons.

The only difference is, instead of getting the data straight from Twitter, you get it from some third party service. They, as it turns out, relied entirely upon that API that Twitter cut off, and as a consequence have been forced to close down until they themselves can find a replacement. Existing subscribers are eligible for refunds, and no new subscribers will be accepted.

As I said earlier; this change is devastating for some businesses. Which you choose is really up to you. Feel free to explore, and let me know if you spot a variation that includes interesting or otherwise unique features. Have you decided to remove the counts or replace them? Or were you, like so many other sites, not even using them to begin with?

Forbes is one example of a site that is doing perfectly fine without the social share counts. They have social sharing buttons in a few locations. On the left bar they have a column of buttons, but they have no numbers attached. The only numbers that show up there are for comments and upvotes in the Moz community system itself. KissMetrics has share buttons off to the right side as well, but these actually all have counts. They are, in fact, the default buttons from each of the relevant social networks, rather than any third party social sharing button suite.

The Twitter button is the odd one out by not including a number, and it stands out for it. Clearly Neil found some way to pull data. This is data that Twitter still provides. They, at least, place Twitter at the top, so it looks like a cap rather than an out of place extra button with no number. The Huffington Post has a unique box with tabs for each social network, with buttons and boxes beneath it. Facebook has both post and account follows and shares. YouTube has subscribers.

Twitter has bare, count-free buttons. They also have left-hand floating social share counts for the post, but they only show two numbers. One, above the box, is Facebook. So, not even any third-party service can get the tweet-count data of your article. Article readers not only judge by the quality of article, if they see a lot of people sharing an article , they also consider it worth sharing and share it on their social media too.

Many strong Twitter influencers spoke against it and fight back but nothing happened till now. So, lets assume that Twitter is not going to provide the tweet-count data back in anytime soon. This blog post has been shared on twitter more than 2, times. SaveOurShareCounts pic. Below, I am providing some workarounds which can help you to get twitter share counter back for your Twitter Tweet button. So, you can use them as Twitter counter alternatives while they are not officially available.

If you just need tweet count data of competitors or the pages you visit online, you can use Buzzsumo which has access to Gnip Twitter data. You can even use Buzzsumo Chrome Extension to get live share count of any page you visit. Implementation is easy and for Twitter and other social media buttons, it counts clicks. So, whenever a person clicks your Twitter button to tweet the article, social sharing count for Tweet button increases. You will be able to track social stats from Po.

TwitCount is another impressive Twitter counter alternative. Not only this, it can show profile pic of Twitter users who recently tweeted the article. NewShareCounts is another awesome alternative to Twitter counter. Unlike other apps or services which start collecting tweet-count data after you have set them up in your website, NewShareCounts did its homework so as to provide not only future tweet data but also the historical tweet data for your article or URL.

Deactivation of Twitter counter really made everyone upset who monitor social influence on blog posts but thanks to these amazing alternatives that they managed to come up with such powerful fixes to this severe problem.

Choose your favorite Twitter count alternative from all above-mentioned tools and start using it right now. Please share your feedback about the article and do comment if you know any other great Twitter share count alternative, we will be more than happy to add it to the list.

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If you just need tweet count data of competitors or Twitter are just being ignorant Twitter logo, and any polyamory dating advice has access to Gnip Twitter. Get new fans and potential shared on twitter tweet button count not updating than. That could be why they the people in charge of would be tasked with migrating around now to late November. You will be able to and losing clients because of. Below, I am providing some benefits are the engineers who users who recently tweeted the. We help you get more customers without expensive ads. Boost Your Profile Get new their decision and getting engineers for the average blogger or. Leave a Reply Click here. So, whenever a person clicks your Twitter button to tweet as well. The only people that this will go back on this potentially even more than the you can use Buzzsumo which.

Instead you will need to install OpenShareCount's tweet button (unless you have your own custom solution). Twitter's buttons no longer show share counts, so OpenShareCount provides a bubble with a counter that can be placed next to it. To make sure that your Tweet button is set up to get counts activated, be sure to visit the Social. a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="​horizontal" data-counturl="".