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Updating house to sell dating exclusivity

Updating house to sell

Even though you have a chance to do an extensive landscape, bear in mind that some buyers can treat that as a negative factor due to the high maintenance cost it attracts. This is especially the case for millennial home buyers. Low maintenance costs are one of the top things millennial home buyers are looking for in a home! A clean and updated exterior too can also be alluring.

And guess what? A simple paint job or scrubbing of the walls using proper tools and cleaning agents can bring exact results to your home. Thus, by opting to go with such colors, you will likely attract a huge number of potential property buyers.

Give the attention and number of visits they attract, bathrooms and kitchen are the top candidates for a full paint job. You can do the painting yourself or hire a pro to do it for a few hundred dollars. However, if you cannot afford fresh paint or your walls are still in mint condition and only have fingerprints, marks, dings, and the like, washing them can still go a long way in giving them a desirable look.

Does your living and dining room have those dull recessed lights? If yes, this is the time to unscrew them and fix a brilliant replacement in their place. Chandeliers would be a great option to consider. If your other rooms have aged light bulbs, consider swapping them out with new ones that have proper voltage for the kind of fixtures in the room.

You may also consider adding energy efficient bulbs and fixtures. This is one of the best ways to make a home more energy efficient which is desired by many buyers nowadays! You may also consider adding more lamps and fixtures such as under cabinet lighting, desk lamps, bedside lamps, accent lighting, and tread lighting.

Considering that showings often happen at different times of the day, also put into consideration natural lighting. Examine your curtains and blinds to ensure they are not impeding what natural light you could have in the room. Being a key part of curb appeal, exterior lighting also matters.

Make it well lit by adding things such as path lighting to create a welcoming impression. Lastly, note that dark furnishings, flooring, and wall and ceiling colors are known to interfere with room lighting. To be on the safe side, enlist the help of an interior designer. Let them audit these aspects to ensure they are optimized for their function. If you update every other room to be clean and appealing, then spruce up your kitchen with low-cost cosmetic upgrades, more potential buyers will be encouraged to buy your house and the selling price will be higher.

However, with just a few dollars, you can carry out the following upgrades and still get the best resale value. Other inexpensive updates you might want to consider include sprucing up the backsplash by adding tiles that complement the theme of your kitchen and swapping outdated cabinet pulls and drawers with new ones. Bearing in mind that your home could be purely vacant, flooring is among the things that count as far as first impressions goes.

Once a buyer steps inside the home, they will probably see the floor first. Many floor types naturally take a beating over time and if yours looks worn, that might turn off a potential buyer. Is there a way to avoid that? Yes, absolutely! Flooring stores and home centers do sell water-based products for renewing different floor types and they cost just a couple of hundred dollars.

An old or stained carpet is a definite turn-off, especially to prospective homeowners who plan to settle with their pets. One thing that makes these five low-cost home improvements unique is that all have the potential to immediately change the buyers perception of your home and raise its value.

That aside, none of them will empty your pockets as complete renovations would. Do you need additional advice or information on other rewarding low-cost ideas that you can make before selling your home? Please speak to a real estate professional. You can replace your kitchen and bathroom hardware in a few hours.

When you hire a remodeling contractor or tradesperson, you spend money on two things: materials and labor. Taking on any home remodeling project by yourself means cutting out the labor piece of that cost. Thinking far ahead to a home sale a year or more in the future affords you the possibility of doing projects by yourself. But if you expect to put your house on the market in a matter of months, taking on new do-it-yourself home projects may snarl you up and take time away from other things.

Even worse, you run the risk of not being able to complete projects in time to put the home on the market. When remodeling for sale, the best remodels are those that look good. It is better to spend money on paint or flooring rather than a water heater that still functions.

As long as the water heater is safe and functional, keep it. A new water heater will not impress buyers. If a home inspector says the water heater must be replaced, that is the time to discuss replacing it or offering the buyer a credit. But appearance is not negotiable. New paint, especially well-chosen contemporary hues, will transform a house.

Be careful of deep shades that darken the home. Cheerful, brighter colors reflect more ambient light, and this is especially important in small rooms like guest bathrooms and space-challenged bedrooms. Home remodels done to make the home more attractive to buyers do not necessarily have to align with your tastes.

This is less a case of grabbing the latest home remodel trends than it is about correcting styles that turn off buyers. You might have a penchant for home styles of the s. Yet if your real estate agent says that you might want to avoid this style, this is the time to listen. Some remodels are notoriously poor at returning resale value.

Areas that tend not to have good resale value are media rooms, theaters, offices, basements, attic, decks, patios, and backyards. Garage conversions are typically not held in high regard by buyers, either. However, replacing an old garage door offers one of the best returns among all common home upgrades.

In general, additions will not pay off. This includes kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom additions. They can increase the square footage of the home, but the initial cost is too high for what you get back in a home sale. Additions make more sense when you really need the added space and will stay in the home long enough to enjoy it.

The Cost vs. Value report is published each year and is available for free on the remodeling magazine website. It is well known in the construction and real estate industries and is a handy reference for anyone considering a home upgrade. The report provides the average cost of the most common home renovations, along with the expected increase in home value related to each upgrade. Costs and values are averaged at the national and regional levels as well as for individual cities. Related Topics.

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What's your budget to prepare your house for sale? This is a huge factor. You want to maximize your return on investment. Your real estate agent should be able to provide their advice on which improvements to prioritize in order to make the biggest impact. In addition to cost, you should consider timing. You may have the perfect kitchen come late summer, but the market may not be as good.

Tell them what your goals are -- do you want to sell quickly, or is it more important that you sell for more money? They can help you make the right decision based on your goals. This is when homeowners put new floors right on old floors, instead of removing the original floors.

Have you ever encountered a three or four-inch difference in height when walking from a living room to a kitchen? Was that intended? No way! It means that there are multiple levels of flooring underneath the floor you see. It's the easier, and cheaper way to update a floor. The right way is to remove the floor and replace it. We know what older broken cabinets look like. If you have them, you don't need to replace them, but please don't spend a few thousand dollars on expensive countertops and not update the cabinets.

It can look like you are trying to fool buyers. A renovated kitchen can totally change the look and feel of your home, and may result in a faster and more lucrative sale. Some buyers also are impressed with what seem like basic features.

A smaller segment of buyers, typically younger couples, do enjoy remodeling, Ryczek adds. If they can get a fairly decent reduction in sale price, that kind of sits hand in hand with what they want to do. But expect this buyer pool to be fairly slim. If you have the time and wherewithal, aim for low- to midscale renovations that can weather market changes and a variety of personal tastes.

Shipley and Ryczek recommend these projects to budget-friendly sellers first:. Replacing the vanity tops in the bathroom and the kitchen and bathroom fixtures also provides a good value for the investment, he says. Cleaning every nook and cranny also makes a strong impact, especially around light switches and doorknobs. Seller Resources. Request Cash Offer.