consolidating warehouses

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Consolidating warehouses

Continue reading about the many warehouse consolidation benefits. Probably the most important aspect of consolidating multiple facilities into one is to ensure that you fully use all the space in the consolidated facility — even all the vertical space. Mezzanines and vertical storage systems, such as vertical lift modules , are the primary way to accomplish this goal. Installing a mezzanine has many advantages — no additional HVAC installations, for example. Installing a vertical storage system such as a vertical carousel or a vertical lift module VLM has many of the same benefits of putting in a mezzanine, plus a few more:.

While traditional picking involves a person going to each part or product, a vertical storage system means that the parts or products are now brought to the person. This is how you achieve the increases in efficiencies, security and ergonomics, and reduce picking errors. For more information on storage consolidation benefits, warehouse space optimization solutions, mezzanines, or vertical lift modules , call Outsource Equipment today at Have a System that Allows You to Use Overhead Space Probably the most important aspect of consolidating multiple facilities into one is to ensure that you fully use all the space in the consolidated facility — even all the vertical space.

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Teo, C. Impact on inventory costs with consolidation of distribution centers. IIE Transactions 33, 99— Download citation. Issue Date : February Search SpringerLink Search. Abstract The consolidation of Distribution Centers DCs is a new trend in global logistics management, with a reduction in inventory costs often being cited as one of the main benefits. References Anily, S. Google Scholar Barahona, F. Google Scholar Chakravarty, A. Google Scholar Cohen, M.

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At the same time, leading practices companies improve product delivery by practicing virtual warehousing and redefining the warehouses as knowledge centers for the entire supply chain. The increased emphasis on value-added services has also prompted many companies to redefine their warehouses as profit rather than cost centers.

After decades of decentralizing, that is, setting up small regional warehouses close to local markets, many companies are discovering the economic advantages of consolidating multiple warehouses into a single large facility. Warehouse centralization lowers the cost of operations because it reduces the number of facilities that a company needs to run as well as the amount of inventory it needs to carry.

Many companies achieve savings early in the consolidation process by selecting central warehousing sites based on a balance of land, labor and transportation cost advantages. Others lower transportation costs by partnering the consolidated warehouse with efficient carriers. Leading practices companies also make it a priority to create a centralized information system to ensure accurate data collection in the consolidated warehouse. In recent years, many leading practice companies have been particularly keen on exploring new designs that build flexibility into warehouse operations.

Built-in flexibility allows warehouses to make best use of space and ensure efficient work flow, helping warehouses keep up with ever-changing customer demands for new and better products. To build flexibility into warehouse design, leading practices companies take a "team-build" approach to the design process by involving all departments concerned, including engineering, information systems, finance, marketing, customer service, purchasing, manufacturing and warehouse operations, right from the start.

They also redesign the block layout as the need arises to make sure that products flow smoothly through the warehouse. Many companies also apply simulation modeling to test various proposed designs before selecting the one that provides the most flexible interaction of warehouse equipment. Other companies apply ergonomic principles to fit warehouse designs to different types of workers, knowing that a well-designed environment enhances worker productivity.

For most warehousing operations, the right warehouse management system WMS software serves as the vital bridge linking production, scheduling, shipment planning and order fulfillment systems. Leading practices companies are careful to work only with WMS vendors who have expertise in the best warehousing strategies for their types of warehouses, regardless of the vendors' knowledge of the company's vertical industry.

As an execution system, WMS manages warehouse resources, that is, space, labor, equipment, tasks and material flow, to move inventory to market most efficiently. Moreover, when equipped with automatic identification and data-collection technologies such as bar coding and radio frequency data communication systems, the WMS becomes a highly effective inventory-tracking tool. In addition, WMS minimizes downtime in the warehouse by alerting warehouse managers and workers to tasks that may be "interleaved," that is, performed simultaneously or in rapid succession.

Many companies also improve supply chain efficiency by integrating WMS into other logistics technology such as order management systems OMS and transportation management systems TMS. The integrated systems not only increase productivity in the warehouse, but also improve vendor-customer communication and enhance shipping accuracy. To keep up with marketplace demands for efficient consumer response and just-in-time JIT delivery, companies across the board are actively seeking opportunities to speed product flow along the supply chain.

Recognizing the warehouse as a critical agent in supply chain efficiency, leading practices benchmark current warehouse operations and establish targets for improvement. Leading companies capitalize on every opportunity to streamline warehouse operations. Other strategies to streamline warehouse operations include using optimal slotting logic to direct put-away and picking activities and adjusting the slotting logic based on reviews of customer orders and inventory mix.

Leading practices companies minimize storage needs by cross-docking and packing inventory in standard-size containers as often as possible. They also make the order fulfillment process more efficient by picking several orders at the same time rather than making a separate trip through the warehouse for each order. To reduce costs, as well as to better meet the growing customer demands for JIT service, companies are divesting themselves of their private warehouses in favor of third-party options.

While not a universal solution, outsourcing is an attractive low-cost alternative for many companies, based on benchmarking costs of internal versus third-party service providers. This land deal was arguably the greatest achievement of Thomas Jefferson's presidency, but it also posed a major philosophical problem for Jefferson.

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Not only does it offer efficient solutions, but it also improved customer satisfaction levels, therefore increasing your return on investment. Warehouse consolidation means that products will be easier to distribute for a company to focus its resources on fewer facilities, making for a rapid courier service. By consolidating, you are essentially creating a more simplified operation, utilising the right sized vehicle for the size of the consignment and therefore minimising your costs.

Smaller vehicles can be allocated to make collections from locations across the country, whilst larger vehicles can collect the consolidated shipment from one single location to deliver to the end destination. Products can be sourced much more quickly for when customers or business professionals need them most and it also provides a wider operational window for collections, therefore supporting the just-in-time movement of goods.

By having a centralised warehouse and banking larger inventories, it reduces inbound costs by decreasing overall costs of shipping and transportation. This in turn would reduce shipping costs for retailers. As a dedicated same day courier service , we offer manufacturers and retailers warehouse consolidation as they put warehouse consolidation best practices in action.

In doing this, it enables them to take advantage of our streamlined courier service by increasing operational efficiency, reducing errors and building sustainable growth. When planning warehouse consolidation , investment is needed to improve operational efficiencies in preparation. To show our commitment to controlling our costs, we use a modern infrastructure and have the capacity to take on additional training for new technology or software.

This enables us to offer the best possible service and become a courier service partner that our customers can rely on. Warehouse consolidation does save money, but only if investment into the correct set-up is initially provided. Inventory management requires the right software to cater to warehouse consolidation. This software would need to be modern, responsive and working in real-time to avoid errors or discrepancies that may arise if the inventory management system lags.

Having real-time updates on inventory management will increase efficiency and reduce room for error in a fast-paced supply chain environment. These are likely to be tagged with RFID for more accurate and responsive inventories.

Warehouse consolidation may also require using tracking options to keep track of where goods are located and how accessible it is, making the entire process of sourcing the goods much easier, faster and intuitive. Tracking also allows you to easily manage and assign destinations with precise efficiency and accuracy.

Using modern automation technology can lead to successful consolidation. Our warehouse has recently been upgraded with the latest technology and modern software to enable us to streamline our service. For example, integrating barcode scanners and a labelling system has allowed us to work more closely with our customers. With our 11, square foot warehouse, we offer safe and secure warehousing. We create solutions by implementing the latest technology and software on our site.

If your technology or software is different, our members of staff are able to undertake additional training, if required. When combining storage with our collection and delivery service, it creates the complete solution to meet your requirements. Warehouse consolidation presents a huge opportunity to drive cost savings and efficiency.

By turning the above best practices into action, we have been able to become a reliable logistics partner for businesses from a variety of industries. It also allows us to minimise travel time and increase output. Our same-day courier service is used by large brand names nationwide. The last time they built a warehouse occurred when the mainframe was considered a modern gadget. Upon speaking to the managers of each business vertical, the architects created a design of two independent warehouses under one roof due to the, apparently, differing requirements.

Around this time, the new supply chain director came on board and realised the problem. One of the primary supply chain savings enabled by GST is the economies of scale factor via a reduction in the number of locations. While it sounds like an oxymoron, reducing the number of warehouses enables the construction of larger warehouses that allow for automation, full truckload shipments, higher utilisation of skilled labour pool, etc. However, the financial savings are only half of the story.

The later you are in your implementation timeline when these issues are identified, the harder it will be to find effective supply chain solutions. Thankfully the supply chain director mentioned earlier was fortunate to realise these issues before the warehouse broke ground. If your organization has a warehouse consolidation project on the horizon, utilizing the right resources and expertise of experienced professionals will ensure your company receives the desired outcome.

Vikas Argod is a Sr. Manager in the Supply Chain Operations competency at Chainalytics. Vikas specialises in warehouse design, process assessment and benchmarking, and service delivery processes in project-based business environments.

If you have more than one warehouse location, you may be having trouble achieving the level of efficiency you need to speed up all your business operations and increase your ROI.

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Ukrainian dating agency Dapiran, P. Subscribe consolidating warehouses our Content. Google Scholar Schwarz, L. As mentioned above, this form of warehousing involves frequent coordination, in-depth planning for consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments, etc. As a result, you can reduce transportation costs, ship more frequently, and, eventually, boost your profitability. View all posts by: Kathleen Kearns.

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With consolidated warehousing, space is shared by the inventory of multiple suppliers. This leads to less available space within the warehouse. Therefore, new. What is Warehouse Consolidation? Warehouse consolidation is the practice of economical warehousing. It works by sourcing shipments from. By consolidating operations from several smaller, remote locations into one large​, centralized warehouse, organizations can reduce the volume of work needed in​.